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The Best Pocket Diapers of 2019

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Pocket cloth diapers are a style of diaper that consist of a shell and an insert. The shell has an outer waterproof lining with an inner lining of a stay-dry material to go against baby’s skin (usually microsuede or fleece). One end of the diaper is left open to allow you to stuff the insert into the diaper between the outer and inner lining.

Pockets have a lot of perks. Once they are stuffed, they go on exactly like a disposable diaper would, making them a great diaper to leave with caregivers. You can also customize the absorbency by using different types of materials for the inserts or adding a second insert.

Last year, I compiled a list of the best pocket diapers of 2018 and while I still love those diapers, I’m honestly surprised at how much my opinion has changed for what would be the best. I’ve got some new pockets here I know you’ll love, and if you’re looking to build up a stash or add to one, these would be awesome choices.

1. Lalabye Baby Diapers


Lalabye Baby cloth diapers are one of my absolute favorites now. If I could go back in time, these diapers would be the bulk of my pocket stash. I wrote a separate review of these diapers that you can read here.

I love these pockets for being versatile. If you don’t want to stuff a pocket, you can just snap the inserts in like an all-in-two! The inserts that come standard are also made from rayon bamboo and are NOT microfiber. It is so rare for a pocket diaper to come standard with inserts made from high-quality materials, and this brand does it.

They might be a few bucks more per diaper than some other pocket brands, but they are so worth it. Check out Lalabye Baby diapers at Nicki’s Diapers!

Pricing: Upper Mid-Range

2. Mama Koala

Mama Koala diapers earn the number two spot due to their affordability, how easy to get they are (Amazon Prime!), the amazing & huge variety of prints, and how many happy customers they have. Check out my brand review on them here.

These diapers are seriously awesome. They are great quality and while the main place they are sold is on Amazon, Mama Koala is a small family business. If you are budget conscious but worried about buying from Alva or other cheapies due to ethical concerns, Mama Koala is a great choice for you. They work to ensure clean & safe manufacturing that pays a fair wage.

Check out all the awesome packages Mama Koala has here! You won’t be disappointed!

Pricing: Low Range

3. Thirsties Natural Pocket


Thirsties Natural diapers have become one of my favorites (LOVE the all-in-one!) Now they have one available as a pocket!

What makes the Thirsties Natural Pocket so special? The organic cotton and natural materials touching baby’s skin!

Almost all pockets are made from synthetic materials. The inner layer of the pocket is usually a micro-fleece or micro-suede (some diapers also have a synthetic athletic jersey material) that is chosen specifically for its moisture-wicking capabilities. This allows the baby to feel dry, even when they have wet their diaper.

The downside of this just depends on how you feel about synthetic materials. Some crunchy mamas only want 100% natural materials against their baby’s skin all day. Other babies may have a sensitivity to synthetic materials and need something natural, such as cotton, against their skin to prevent rashes.

The Thirsties Natural Pocket diaper is a great choice for families that want the perks of a pocket diaper with 100% cotton touching the skin. The inserts are also made from hemp & cotton making them a huge step above the standard microfiber insert. They are available in a snap or hook & loop closures.

The Thirsties Natural Pocket is available at Nicki’s Diapers.

Pricing: Upper mid-range

4. Rumparooz


Rumparooz pockets are a great choice if you want a pocket with the protection of double gussets. These are a high-quality diaper made with great materials, making it an awesome choice for people wanting to build a stash for use with multiple kids.

Another perk of Rumparooz is that they have a lower starting weight for use than most one-size diapers, meaning you may be able to literally use these from birth to potty training (unlike other one-size diapers that usually work best starting around 10 lbs).

Get Rumparooz Pockets at Nicki’s Diapers by clicking here!

Pricing: Upper mid-range

5. BumGenius 5.0


In the top five pockets of 2019, I wasn’t sure if bumGenius was going to make the list. The brand has always served me well over the years, but I have learned about and tried so many new brands of cloth diapers that I wasn’t sure if I would put this in a top five spot.

However, after much contemplation, I can’t deny that bumGenius deserves a spot on this list. Many of the issues people had with bumGenius in the past (mainly elastics that relax) has been improved with the bumGenius 5.0.

bumGenius is an ethical brand that is easily accessible. Stores like Target and Buy Buy Baby carry them making them easy to purchase with coupons.

They provide a forgiving fit that will work for almost any baby, from skinny to chunky. I’ve had one of each!

You can get the bumGenius 5.0 pocket diaper at Nicki’s Diapers.

Pricing: Mid-range

Which to Choose?

You really can’t go wrong with any of these pockets. I love ALL of them! Feel free to mix and match when building your stash to see which is the best fit for your baby and your lifestyle. Overall, I’m sure you’d love any of them.

What’s your favorite pocket diaper? Let me know in the comments!


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