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Target is possibly one of the most popular stores in America, especially among moms! It seems like you can get almost anything at Target, and if not in store, you can at least find most things on their website.

Did you know that Target sells cloth diapers? Back when I was pregnant with my oldest child, they really only sold Gerber prefolds, bumGenius (their selection for these wasn’t great), and gDiapers. But now? They have expanded their cloth diaper selection a ton!

Cloth diapers are still an online only item at Target. I really hope that changes soon as I can only imagine how much more mainstream cloth diapers could become if stores like Target would display them on their shelves for people to discover and experience. Hopefully someday!

Why Get Cloth Diapers at Target?

Target is a great place to get cloth diapers for the following reasons:

  • Diapers are priced the same as what you would find elsewhere
  • Target often runs baby deals that give you a free gift card with a purchase of a certain amount–buying some cloth diapers for your stash can easily get you there, and the gift card amounts often are high enough that it would be like getting a free diaper.
  • You can save an additional 5{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} and get free shipping with a RedCard (if you’re not into credit cards, don’t worry–I’m not either. They have an option for a card that you can use as a debit card to your checking and receive all the same benefits!) Shipping is also free over $35 if you do not have a RedCard.

We do a lot of our shopping at Target, and it’s so nice to know that I save even a little bit more just by using my RedCard.

Expecting? Get A Target Baby Registry

Target’s baby section is phenomenal, and it is getting better all the time. It’s one of the few stores you can get a convenient baby registry at, especially now that Babies ‘R Us has closed all stores. Target is a great place to have a registry because it’s a store most of your friends and family will feel comfortable shopping at, and their website rivals Amazons.

If you are pregnant and plan to cloth diaper, you will want to get a registry set up at Target. What better way to get some awesome quality diapers than as a gift? Click the link below to sign up and start building a baby registry:

Sign Up for a Target Baby Registry

Now let’s look at the brands of cloth diapers that Target sells. If you have been a follower of Rocking the Cloth for any period of time, you may have seen my post called The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers. Many of the following brands coincidentally made that list!

bumGenius Diapers

bumgenius-cloth-diapers-from-targetBumGenius is still one of the main diaper brands Target sells. This brand is a popular high-quality diaper brand, so I’m ecstatic I can get them at Target. Their selection is much greater now than when I first looked for cloth diapers at Target five years ago.

The bumGenius Freetimes are one of the styles you can get, along with the bumGenius 5.0 pocket diaper. If you are into hybrid/all-in-two diapers, they also sell Flips diaper shells & stay-dry inserts, plus organic cotton inserts.

To learn more about bumGenius, check out the following posts: BumGenius Freetime Review & The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers

Thirsties Diapers

thirsties-cloth-diapers-from-targetThirsties is another brand of diaper I really love, so I’m so excited Target carries them! They have a number of different styles and prints, too. They have the newborn all-in-one and the one-size all-in-one. If you are interested in a hybrid/all-in-two diaper, they have the Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers and various types and sizes of inserts. They also sell adorable gift packs of Thirsties diapers that would be perfect to put on your registry. I know it’s a gift I’d love to give to a fellow cloth diapering mama!

To learn more about Thirsties, check out the following posts: The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers, The Best Newborn Cloth Diapers and What Is a Hybrid Cloth Diaper? (this last post does not mention Thirsties specifically, but will explain the hybrid concept behind the Thirsties Duo Wrap and Inserts)

Charlie Banana Diapers

charlie-banana-cloth-diapers-from-targetTarget sells a number of Charlie Banana products, including the following: single one-size diapers, one-size diaper sets, swim diapers, diaper liners, and even the Charlie Banana diaper sprayer.

Charlie Banana is really growing as a company to create more and more Earth-friendly products. There are also reusable feminine pads you can purchase that would be great for after you give birth.

Charlie Banana diapers have a super soft lining, and fit comfortably and flexibly. They are much more flexible than other brands of diapers, making them great to fit a wide range of baby body types.

To learn more about Charlie Banana, check out this post: The Best Pocket Cloth Diapers

Gerber Prefolds

gerber-prefolds-cloth-diapers-from-targetTarget has a number of different size packages of Gerber prefolds in both regular and organic cotton.

This 10-pack of Gerber Baby Birdseye Diapers would come in extremely handy whether or not you want to use these prefolds for diapering. Prefolds make great burp cloths and all-purpose cloths around the home. They’re much more absorbent than many of the other burp cloths or towels advertised, which is why I love having some prefolds at home.

There are also organic prefold options if you prefer.

Pair these with the Flips diaper covers or Thirsties Duo Wraps to make them waterproof as a diaper option.

If you want to know more about prefolds, check out these posts: Cloth Diapering with a Newborn, Cloth Diaper Types

Target – A Player in the Cloth Diaper Business

Target is a great store and website for all baby products, and cloth diapers are no exception. I’ve always had great experience with Target’s customer service. While Target is a large corporation, they are one of the most ethical large corporations out there, which makes me feel good about giving them business.

Would you put cloth diapers on your baby registry? Let me know in the comments!