How To Go Green In A Tiny House

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Many people are working toward living a simpler, more meaningful, and responsible/eco-friendly lifestyle. For some, this means small changes. For others, the changes are quite drastic. My guest blogger today, Annie from 15 Acre Homestead, has an incredible story to share about her move towards minimalism in a tiny house. Without further ado, here is Annie! How To Go Green In A Tiny House Many people are making lifestyle changes recently to live a greener life. From eliminating plastics to zero-waste homes, the green movement is definitely here to stay! Following right behind the green movement are the tiny [...]

How To Start Minimalist Living – A Guide For Those Not So Sure About This

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This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links. When many people think of minimalism, they think of bare white walls, empty book shelves, and perfectly clear surfaces. Maybe they even imagine tiny houses or small urban apartments. They may picture a living space with one or two chairs and maybe a lamp, but nothing else. For some people, this is minimalism and it makes them happy. For others, this sounds stressful and sad. Lucky for you, you do [...]

Minimalist Cloth Diapering – Sticking To The Essentials

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There are many motivations for cloth diapering, and none of them are better or worse than any other motivation. One reason some of us choose to cloth diaper (including myself) is that we generally try to live in a way that is less wasteful. It doesn't mean we are perfect or zero waste; it just means we are doing what we feel capable of at that moment. Cloth diapering felt like a doable thing for our family, so I was willing to give it a try to make a difference in this area. When I say that being less [...]

Christmas Gifts for Minimalists Part 2 – Purchasing Gifts Intentionally

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This post contains affiliate links. The holiday season is a magical time for most people. However, we often run ourselves ragged this time of year, and we could all enjoy it a little more if we took the time to enjoy the simple things. Whether you are a minimalist yourself and looking to give gifts in line with your principles, or you are looking for ideas for Christmas gift ideas for minimalists you know, or people that just don't want more stuff, you have come to the right place. Start with part 1 of the post series by clicking [...]

Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas – The Most Meaningful Christmas

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This post contains affiliate links. The holidays are a beautiful and nostalgic time of year. Timeless carols and hymns get played while we bake platters of cookies and other treats. We sit by warm and toasty fires as we drink coffee and cocoa, watching It's A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol (I like the Muppet version ;)). Caroling, driving around to look at Christmas lights, and cutting down your own Christmas tree may all be part of your family traditions for the season. Another big part of the season is PRESENTS! You may brave the crowds each weekend [...]

Reducing Plastic and Waste Part 2 – Actionable Steps Toward a Better Planet and a Better Life

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This is part 2 of my Reducing Plastic and Waste series (see part one here). Just to quickly recap, one of the best things we can do individually to help our world be a better place is to reexamine our consumerist habits. It may not seem like it matters, but our individual habits are one of the few things we have 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} control over. If we aren't even willing to change our own lives to create and inspire change, how can we expect anyone else (whether it be the government, corporations, etc) to do it? The more we demand [...]

Reducing Plastic and Waste – Small Steps to a Cleaner World Part 1

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While we have known how detrimental excess plastic is for the environment for quite some time now, the average person is only just recently starting to see how serious the problem is. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (an area in the ocean spanning about 600,000 square miles that is saturated with small pieces of plastic that pose a great danger to marine life) to plastic mounds found all over the earth (plastic has been found everywhere from Antarctica to Mt. Everest), we have a bit of a problem on our hands. Reducing plastic and waste isn't a simple [...]

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