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My name is Holly, and I am a mom of two beautiful boys. My kids are almost 5 and 2, and I have been cloth diapering since my oldest was born. I have cloth diapered while working full time and part time–it is not as hard to keep up with as it seems! 🙂 My family is also working toward living in a more green and sustainable way.

My husband’s name is Joe and we live in Minnesota. We have a 6 year old Welsh Corgi named Ruby and an orange tabby cat named Gherkin. I am on my seventh year of teaching middle school ELA and also spent some time teaching elementary. I have my master’s degree in Special Education and work primarily with students with dyslexia and other learning differences. I have recently been able to move to part-time to get more time with my boys. I feel incredibly lucky for this opportunity!

My other passions besides cloth diapering and education include faith, family, green living, cooking, home care and decorating, and living frugally and simply.


I want to show people that cloth diapering is not old-fashioned or obsolete. I want to prove it’s not gross, time-consuming, or difficult! I remember when I first started on my cloth diapering journey–I joined a Facebook group and immediately became overwhelmed and second-guessed my ability to do this. Each post was filled with problem after problem, and I was worried I made a big mistake in purchasing as many diapers as I did. While issues can certainly happen, I eventually realized that of COURSE a Facebook group is full of downer posts–who is going to post, “Hey everyone, successfully cloth diapered my baby today. Just wanted to let you know”? Groups can be a great place for troubleshooting, but it’s important to remember that is their main purpose for discussion.

I wanted to give families a resource for beginning cloth diapering that was straight-forward, honest, and helpful without overwhelming anyone. I want to present the info you need to feel empowered about your decision and develop realistic expectations for managing a cloth diapering routine.

I am also excited about sharing my family’s journey in developing a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I’m so glad you are here and I look forward to hearing from you–feel free to contact me at holly@rockingthecloth.com with any questions or comments!

All the best,

Holly Lee

Holly Lee

I'm Holly and I'm the mom of two awesome young boys with a girl due summer 2020. We have been cloth diapering for 6 years. My family and I live in Minnesota with our dog, Ruby, and cat, Gherkin. Outside of Rocking the Cloth, I am also a middle school teacher. Thank you for visiting Rocking the Cloth--feel free to email me at holly@rockingthecloth.com if you have any questions or concerns. I'd love to help!

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  1. Hello Holly, I personally don’t know much about diapers and cloth diapers for that matter. But, you website is very well put together and if I wanted to know about cloth diapers and using them. I would definitely recommend you and your site information here. First comment. I was drawn in to your content with the first glance of that cute baby. Then, with the topic, you are very thorough and informative. Also, the connection you make with others is very welcoming and if I was a mother looking to use cloth diapers, I would be attracted to you and your website information. Good job. Lots of good illustrations and content rich posts.

    1. Thanks Bob!

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