Hello! Welcome to Rocking the Cloth!


My name is Holly, and I am a mom of two beautiful boys. My kids are almost 5 and 2, and I have been cloth diapering since my oldest was born. I have cloth diapered while working full time and part time–it is not as hard to keep up with as it seems! 🙂 My family is also working toward living in a more green and sustainable way.

My husband’s name is Joe and we live in Minnesota. We have a 6 year old Welsh Corgi named Ruby and an orange tabby cat named Gherkin. I am on my seventh year of teaching middle school ELA and also spent some time teaching elementary. I have my master’s degree in Special Education and work primarily with students with dyslexia and other learning differences. I have recently been able to move to part-time to get more time with my boys. I feel incredibly lucky for this opportunity!

My other passions besides cloth diapering and education include faith, family, green living, cooking, home care and decorating, and living frugally and simply.


I want to show people that cloth diapering is not old-fashioned or obsolete. I want to prove it’s not gross, time-consuming, or difficult! I remember when I first started on my cloth diapering journey–I joined a Facebook group and immediately became overwhelmed and second-guessed my ability to do this. Each post was filled with problem after problem, and I was worried I made a big mistake in purchasing as many diapers as I did. While issues can certainly happen, I eventually realized that of COURSE a Facebook group is full of downer posts–who is going to post, “Hey everyone, successfully cloth diapered my baby today. Just wanted to let you know”? Groups can be a great place for troubleshooting, but it’s important to remember that is their main purpose for discussion.

I wanted to give families a resource for beginning cloth diapering that was straight-forward, honest, and helpful without overwhelming anyone. I want to present the info you need to feel empowered about your decision and develop realistic expectations for managing a cloth diapering routine.

I am also excited about sharing my family’s journey in developing a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I’m so glad you are here and I look forward to hearing from you–feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or comments!

All the best,

Holly Lee