Tips for Dealing With Detergent Build Up On Cloth Diapers

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Detergent build-up on cloth diapers is a huge pain! It is more common with people who have soft water. For the record, I have a whole home water softener in my current house, and my hardness is 0ppm, so I definitely have experience in this area! In my own experience, washing in hard water is easier than 0 ppm. But it is not impossible, and with a few easy tweaks, you will find something that works for you. Detergent build-up can cause the following problems: Your diapers may not smell very clean. I know this doesn't make sense on [...]

Felting Wool – How To Hand Felt A Wool Diaper Cover

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Wool diaper covers are popular for good reason: they're breathable, natural, antibacterial, and protect well against leaks. Felting wool is something that can be done to help make them even more leak-proof. Learn here how to felt a wool diaper cover by hand. Do I Have to Felt My Covers? In short, no. The purpose of felting wool is to tighten the fibers in the wet zone of the diaper to help make it more leak-proof. Wool will felt on its own over time as it gets used. For that reason, many people will never do any sort of [...]

Cloth Diaper Wash Routine – HE Top Loader

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I recently purchased a new washing machine, and I love it so far! It is a GE top loader HE with an agitator. Here I will share my cloth diaper wash routine I use with great success in my new washer. If you are looking for washing tips for an HE top loader, I hope this post helps. There are no "one size fit all" cloth diaper wash routines. There are many groups on Facebook dedicated to helping people get a good wash routine, and while they can be super helpful, much of the time they apply blanket rules and [...]

How To Wash Cloth Diapers – Is There Only One Way?

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How to wash cloth diapers.... is there only one way to do it? What if I mess it up? Whose advice can I trust? Washing cloth diapers is something that stresses out many parents new to cloth. I know when I first became intrigued by using cloth diapers, I didn't think too much about how to wash them at first. It wasn't until I was doing research and reading that I discovered washing them was a much bigger deal than I realized. The fear of screwing it all up was paralyzing. The drama surrounding cloth diaper washing advice is [...]

Front Loader Washing Tips For Cloth Diapers- Get Them Clean!

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This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links. All opinions are my own. I hope these front loader washing tips for cloth diapers help you out! A few months ago, my family and I moved to a new house. Our new house has a front-loading HE washer, which is much different from the regular top-loader with agitator I had at my old house. It made diaper laundry challenging at first, but I've finally perfected my routine. Here are [...]

Front Loader Vs. Top Loader – Which Is Best?

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Front loading washing machines have become very popular with the rise of HE (high-efficiency) washing machines. However, top loaders haven't gone anywhere, either! Both styles are very popular, and some people feel passionate about which style is best. Let's look at the details of the front loader vs. top loader debate and see which one would be best for your family's needs. Perks Of A Top Loader Using a top loader has many perks, especially if you are a cloth-diapering parent. For starters, it is much easier to load laundry into a top loader. You can take baskets of [...]

Grovia Mighty Bubbles Review – Deep Cleaning Your Diapers

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This Grovia Mighty Bubble review contains affiliate links for things that help with deep cleaning your diapers, which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase after clicking one of my links. All opinions are my own. I first heard about Grovia Mighty Bubbles a few years ago, but I never really had an opportunity to use them. I have been pretty lucky to have minimal issues with getting my diapers clean over the years...that is, until I moved into my new house. My old house, the house in which I began [...]

Yeast Infection Diaper Rash & Cloth Diapers – How To Treat Your Stash

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A yeast infection diaper rash is terrible--it is so painful for the child, and it can be difficult to treat. Yeast rashes can happen when a baby has been pooping frequently, especially when they have been on antibiotics. Yeast can also develop as a secondary infection if a regular diaper rash has gone untreated or the diaper area wasn't cleaned properly for too long. You may hear more about yeast infections in the cloth diapering world. But it's NOT because cloth diapers cause yeast infections! It's only because yeast is FIERCE and needs to be treated properly. If a [...]

Tide Vs Biokleen For Cloth Diapers – A Full Review

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Tide Original Powder is probably one of the most often recommended detergents for cloth diapers, and for good reason! Point blank, Tide is effective. It's ideal for hard water (which 85{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} of the US has), it's powerful, and it has a great reputation. However, many people don't like using Tide or other non-plant based detergents. They worry about the chemicals in the detergents and how they might affect their family's health or the environment. Most of the time, plant-based detergents are too weak to clean human waste effectively. However, there are some commonly recommended eco-friendly detergents that seem to [...]

How To Navigate Hard Water When Washing Cloth Diapers

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"How to Navigate Hard Water when Washing Cloth Diapers" may contain affiliate links. When parents start looking into cloth diapers, many are turned off by how overwhelming it can seem. Washing cloth diapers is probably the most confusing part of the whole ordeal, and for most people that end up deciding not to use cloth diapers, I'm willing to bet that most of the time it is due to intimidation surrounding the washing process. Are cloth diapers really hard to wash? Most of the time, no. Can it be hard to figure out how to wash them? Sometimes. The [...]

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