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All in Ones (aka AiOs) are a popular choice of modern cloth diapers among families. People like them because they are generally as easy to put on as a disposable diaper. It’s a great idea to have at least a few all in ones on hand for babysitters. The BumGenuis Freetime All in One is a popular option you could pick.

There are several other brands of AiOs from which to choose, but BumGenius has some accessibility perks that not all brands of diapers have (can be found online at Target and sometimes in-store, making it easy to add to baby registries. They can also be found in store and online at Buy Buy Baby).

Because that is a little more accessible than most other diaper brands, they are easier to get to go and look at in person and register for as gifts. BumGenius also has another all-in-one called the Elemental. That diaper has some key differences to the Freetime and will be reviewed at a separate time.

Style and Features


The Freetime is a OS (one size) diaper, so it has some rows of snaps that you can use to adjust the rise. It can be used for babies as small as 7-8 lbs up to 35 lbs.

It has two inserts sewn on–one on each end. You fold the inserts into the diaper, one on top of the other, to use. This may seem odd, but it is done strategically to help make the drying time faster (AiOs notoriously take forever to dry–but not the Freetimes!)

You can get both snap fasteners or hook & loop. The Freetime has a very trim fit.

If you are familiar with the BumGenius 4.0/5.0 diapers, I feel like the Freetime is a more flexible fit. The inserts are made from microfiber with a suede cover sewn on top of the inserts to protect baby’s skin. The outside of the diaper is a waterproof layer of PUL.


BumGenius Freetimes are a great diaper, especially since they made their brand improvements a few years ago. My Freetimes have held up to every other day washing for nearly FIVE YEARS and are still going strong. That’s amazing! The elastics are a little bit relaxed, but other than that, they are in good shape.

Think about your favorite article of clothing in your closet–if you put it in the washer and dryer (on low) every two days for five years straight, do you think it would hold up? I know most of the clothes in my closet would not.

These diapers been trustworthy and dependable over the years. The only issue I have had over the years is the elastics started to relax a little bit, but bumGenius has worked to improve them in their newer versions.

I was really worried about the elastics when my second baby was born–I was scared they wouldn’t fit and I’d have to buy a new stash. I was pleasantly surprised to find the relaxed elastics really didn’t impede my diapers from doing their job, especially once my son was a few months old. I’m not worried about them at all anymore.

I’ve personally invested in a lot of my favorite BumGenius prints as Freetimes! I love BumGenius prints–many of them are in honor of famous individuals. Pictured above, you can see diaper prints in honor of Albert Einstein, Louis Armstrong, and Dr. E Lee Spence. It’s kind of fun to think about your kids in light of some of these amazing people. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BumGenius comes out with new prints regularly, and they are always very beautiful.

Pros and Cons

The Freetime is a decent choice for an all in one diaper. That said, there are some things to consider:


  • All in One design makes for no stuffing, wrapping, or pinning–just put it right on! It’s a time saver.
  • The two flap system makes this diaper dry much faster than other brands of all in ones.
  • It has a very trim fit, but still holds a solid amount of liquid.
  • The price is decent as far as all in ones are concerned.


  • The inserts are microfiber, which isn’t the most absorbent possible material.
  • The two flaps can be a little annoying when baby poops in the diaper and you have to remove the poop before putting it in the diaper bin–the flaps seem like they flop around and get messy.
  • While the price is pretty good for an all in one diaper, it is still more expensive than other types of cloth diapers out there.
  • Because of the two flap system, this isn’t my favorite diaper to leave with caregivers. It would probably be fine, but I always worry the flaps might confuse them.
  • bumGenius notoriously has issues with elastics getting relaxed sooner than they should


The BumGenius Freetime is about a $20 diaper. The price varies slightly based on retailer and whether or not you purchase a solid color or a print.

Would I Recommend this Diaper?

Yes, I would recommend the Freetime. It has worked well for us and our Freetimes have been a valuable part of my diaper stash.

I will be honest that I have some other all in ones that I prefer to the Freetimes due to some of the cons I listed above, but those all in ones also come with a slightly higher price tag.

These are a great option for a high-quality all in one at a reasonable price. I love the ones I have, but I probably wouldn’t invest in an entire stash as Freetimes–it’s good to have a little variety.

I hope this helps you in your diaper purchasing decisions. If you already have some Freetimes, what do you think of them?