Disclosure: Green Mountain Diapers generously provided me a gift card in which I purchased some (but not all) of my newborn cloth diaper stash. As always, all opinions are my own.

When I found out I was expecting baby number 3, one of the things I started mulling over immediately was my newborn stash. I still had some newborn diapers from my older kids, but I never had a newborn stash that I loved. I struggled with lots of leaking and annoying configurations with my previous newborn stash. I was interested in trying out Green Mountain Diapers after hearing so many amazing things about them. This Green Mountain Diapers review will share my experience with the products and the company.

My GMD Stash

green mountain diapers reviewWhile I had a newborn stash that spanned beyond Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) products, GMD definitely made up the heart of my stash.

I purchased the organic unbleached prefolds in newborn & newbie sizes, organic unbleached newborn size workhorses, unbleached size small prefolds, bleached workhorses in size small, and 2 Cloth-Eez covers in size zero.

I used Snappis and Boingos to fasten my prefolds.

If you are interested in my newborn stash beyond the GMD products, check out this post: My Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

My Experience with the Prefolds

GMD PrefoldsI absolutely loved the organic unbleached prefolds. The absorbency was amazing and put my other brands of newborn diapers to shame–seriously! No longer was newborn cloth diapering a source of frustration like it had been with my other kids. I could easily go two to three hours between changes (as long as there was no poop!) My baby would leak out of my other diapers within an hour.

With my prefolds, I started out doing a jellyroll fold, but eventually just started doing an angel fold. The idea with the jellyroll fold is that it is supposed to be able to contain the poop a little better, but I found it would spill out anyway, so I moved to a standard angel fold since it was quicker to do.

I used a Snappi or a Boingo to fasten the diaper. Overall, I preferred Snappis because they are more flexible. However, Boingos are a little easier to do one-handed if that is a concern.

loved the organic unbleached fibers. They require a few more washes to prep since there are more natural oils to wash out, but since these were for my newborn stash and I had months to get them ready, it wasn’t an issue. I just threw them in with various loads of laundry until they were washed about 5-6 times and called it good.

I am not sure if this is officially a thing or not, but I felt like the absorbency was a little better with unbleached over bleached (I have some bleached prefolds I am using currently in my one-size stash). I have heard other people say that, and it definitely seems true. However, I haven’t held any experiments to check at this point. I will have to order some bleached & unbleached of the same size to do a real comparison, and right now my bleached & unbleached are different sizes.

Unbleached prefolds also allegedly stain less than bleached. However, if you breastfeed your baby, I don’t think you’re going to completely escape stains. 🙂

My Experience with the Workhorses

GMD WorkhorsesThe Workhorses (cotton fitteds) were by far our favorite. No folding whatsoever, super absorbent, and easy snaps to fasten them (but they do make snapless workhorses, too!) They were just so easy and we never had leaks! LOVED them!

Compared to the prefolds, they are more expensive. But we loved them so much and they are worth it in price! I bought more in size small to continue using them.

My favorite part about these is that I didn’t have to try and track down my snappis to do a diaper change if I wasn’t previously using a prefold. My Snappis and Boingos end up all over the house when we end up changing a diaper and going from a prefold to an all-in-one or workhorse, and then when I want to use a prefold again I either need to track one down, or sometimes I ended up just pad-folding the prefold when I couldn’t quickly find one.

However, I loved that I just didn’t need to worry about it with the workhorses.

Cloth-Eez Covers

cloth-eez coversWe had two Cloth-Eez covers in size 0. Size zero has the umbilical notch, and it has the ability to slightly adjust the rise 2 different lengths.

These covers are wonderful! They are so soft and stretchy. Some covers have more of a plastic-y feel, but not these. They are so cozy over the prefolds or workhorses–perfect for a sweet, little newborn.

I wish I had bought some size ones! I will probably look at getting more of these in larger sizes. The only downside is they only come in white (however, classic white diaper covers are timeless and adorable).

Customer Service

Green Mountain Diapers has phenomenal customer service. When I placed my most recent order, I goofed and accidentally ordered newborn size workhorses instead of size small. I returned them and asked for an exchange for size small, and they sent them back to me very quickly and exchanged as requested. I didn’t realize until later that there is a slight price difference (smalls cost more) but they were so gracious to me! That was a delightful surprise considering I shipped them back UPS and UPS charged me more than I expected.

I also know they are very responsive to emails and inquiries. Karen, the owner, runs a Facebook group for people to talk all things GMD diapers, and she is very helpful and kind in those threads.

Final Recommendation

GMD has so many more products than what I have highlighted here, and they are all of the highest quality. Their prefolds are so durable compared to many other cotton diapers I’ve used.

If you have a love for natural fiber cloth diapers, Green Mountain Diapers will be your diaper heaven. We are big fans of everything we have tried, but especially the workhorses! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and they will quickly move to the top of your list as a new favorite.

Have you shopped at Green Mountain Diapers? Let me know your favorite product in the comments!