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For many years, I used an “old school” top-loading washing machine with an agitator (non-HE). I loved that thing. It did a phenomenal job getting clothes clean.

But then in June 2019, we moved to a new home. This house had a 19-year-old Kenmore front loader. I hated this machine. It reeked of mildew. It sounded like it was going to blast off into space when it was doing its spin cycle, and if for some reason it didn’t make that sound during the spin cycle, we found that the clothes were still sopping wet after the cycle was over.

Finally, enough was enough and we replaced it. I did a TON of research and ended up with a GE Top Load Washer – the GTW725 with agitator.

What Kind of Laundry Do I Do?

We are not a household of easy laundry. We cloth diaper. I have 2 boys and a third child on the way. My husband and I go through plenty of clothes on our own, and with my workout schedule and everything, many days I wear a couple of different outfits.

We also wear business casual for work, so we have some laundry that needs some gentle cleaning.

That means we needed a machine that can handle not only soiled laundry for our diapers but had a decent capacity for large loads. I also wanted lots of options to make sure we could get soiled laundry scrubbed well and delicate items protected when needed. If you have ever cloth diapered, you know that having decent options on your machine makes it much easier to get them clean.

Not only that, but I wanted to be able to wash bedding easily. That requires a good size capacity.

Why I Chose the GTW725

ge-top-loader-washer-reviews-front-viewWhen I first started my washing machine research, I knew I wanted a top loader. I was kind of scarred for life after that previous front loader. I also remember my parents had a front loader growing up, and I remember that rubber ring getting gross and holding odors, too.

I had a top loader at my old house and I loved it. I loved that I could do soaks in it, that I could just dump the laundry in instead of grabbing handfuls (especially with dirty diapers), and I loved that more water could be used in them.

At first, I was leaning toward a Speed Queen. However, the latest reviews for their top loaders haven’t been great since they changed their agitator style in 2017/2018. They had one model that operated like their old design, but it was a smaller capacity. Given the price and the uncertainty of the new design, I decided to go in a different direction.

ge-top-loader-washer-while-runningI started researching other makes and models and eventually settled on a GE top loader washer. They also have a 10-year warranty just like the Speed Queens.

After comparing GE to LG, Samsung, Maytag, etc., I realized I would have the most opportunities to customize my wash cycles with the GE.

I also liked that I could still get an agitator with a GE. That was important to me for my cloth diapers. (If you do not want an agitator, GE has several top-loading models without them). I also liked that I would have many ways to get appropriate water levels in this machine.

GTW725 Features

ge-top-loader-washer-panelHere are some of my favorite features of the GE Top Loader Washer GTW725:

  • 4.6 cu ft – awesome for large loads
  • 12 cycle options (and most cycles can be further customized)
  • Deep Fill Option that can be turned off or on most cycles
  • Deep Fill is actually a good, deep fill, unlike on some other washers
  • If you need more water but don’t want the whole drum filled, you can start the deep fill and turn it off when it gets to the level you want to customize the exact amount of water you want for a load
  • Agitator helps out with soiled loads
  • Sanitize cycle for extra gross laundry (love using this cycle after nasty sickness comes into the house)
  • Can select how soiled your laundry is and gentler cycles to keep delicate laundry in great condition
  • The see-through lid allows you to check on how well things are agitating and how much water it is using
  • Deep Rinse option is great to make sure you are getting all of the detergent rinsed out (more of an issue with overuse of detergent combined with soft water)
  • Warm Rinse option

Of course, there are more features than what is even listed here, but these are my favorite. You can see a full list of features here: GE GTW725 Specs

GE Top Loader Washer Performance

So… how does it do? Does it tackle tough loads of laundry?

I have zero complaints! I love using this washer. All my laundry comes out sparkling clean and I have had zero issues. I am in love with all of the options on this machine.

My diapers smell much, much fresher than they did in my front loader, so for soiled laundry, it does an awesome job.

I can also fit SO MUCH BEDDING in there! Just this morning, I washed my son’s sheets, mattress cover, comforter, and his thick/large tie blanket. All in the same load!

However, I will say that I think the old front loader I had was probably gentler overall. But this GE machine is gentler than an old-school top loader.

Cons of the GE GTW725

Of course, nothing is perfect. Here are a few cons:

  • Pretty deep, so shorties like me need to reach on our tiptoes to get stuff off the bottom of the drum (I’m 5’2″).
  • To connect to WiFi would require you to purchase an additional part (I have not done this, don’t see the need to get my washer on wifi)
  • If you are only wanting to wash a couple of small items, sometimes the load clusters to one half of the machine and gets the load off balance. It does best if you have enough to at least get a full layer in there.
  • This is true for any HE machine with an agitator: HE agitators operate a little differently (usually dual-action) than old-school agitators. While an old-school machine can do quick loads with the help of the agitator and liberal water features, HE agitators work more slowly. I still find they help significantly compared to no agitator.


I hope this helped you decide if a GE Top Loader Washer is right for you! If you are wondering anything specific, please ask in the comments. Thanks!