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Mama Koala is a small cloth diaper company that sells popular pocket diapers.

They have an incredibly loyal following. There are several Mama Koala groups on Facebook with thousands of members! Some groups are just buy/sell/trade, while others are simply for “addicts” and chatting.

This Mama Koala cloth diapers review will help you learn what all the fuss is about.

Why Mama Koala?

What sets them apart from other diaper brands is their extremely economical price tag. It’s hard to find diapers of this quality and price that are from a small company. That alone makes them worth looking into.

These diapers are also perfect for the print junkies out there. They have so many custom adorable prints that are wonderfully unique. These custom prints are probably what Mama Koala is most known for. It’s practically unheard of to get such special and unique prints at this low of a price.

About Mama Koala

Mama Koala is a company started by parents “inspired by their love for their children.” Their diapers were developed with meticulous research and care by their team of developers.

Mama Koala checks to make sure that no harmful dyeing agents are added during manufacturing through lab tests so that you can know you are getting the safest and highest quality product possible. Their diapers are CPSIA compliant.

Mama Koala says they value eco-friendliness and ethical manufacturing practices. These diapers are produced in China, but they say they ensure clean & safe manufacturing that pays fair wages.

For families that are drawn toward “Cheapies” to save money but feel uneasy about the possible ethical dilemmas, Mama Koala says they offer the best of both worlds.

It’s true that manufacturing things in China can save a lot of money for the business owners and the consumers, but it doesn’t come without its own potential issues. Some people have concerns that Mama Koala isn’t actually ethical in their labor practices, even though they say they are. Their low price point raises some eyebrows, and some find it hard to believe fair wages are actually paid to the factory workers.

Update January 2020: I updated a few things about their labor ethics in this section from when I first wrote the article. I have reached out to Mama Koala directly to see if they could provide me more information on their manufacturing practices, but I never heard back.

I hope that we can believe what Mama Koala directly states on their website about following ethical labor practices and paying fair wages. I do agree that most diapers at this price point are not able to do that. However, Mama Koala does use some “cheaper” materials than other diapers that cost double the price. There isn’t any organic cotton, hemp, etc., and the inserts are microfiber.

bumGenius, a quality cloth-diaper brand that is known to be ethical, has also been able to come out with a cheaper pocket diaper called the Elemental Joy, too. It’s more expensive than Mama Koala, but not by much. So I don’t believe it’s necessarily impossible to manufacture a cheaper cloth diaper without jeopardizing fair pay and safe labor… but it definitely isn’t easy and I understand the skepticism.

However, you will have to decide how you feel about these possible ethical concerns. Fair wages and safe labor conditions go far beyond diaper production. This carries over into everything we buy. As far as we know with Mama Koala, they say they are ethical. You can take them at their word, or you can choose brands that you feel more sure about.

What About Customer Service?

When it comes to customer service, the cloth diapering community has really created high expectations for all diaper products and demand for the best customer service possible. This is where Mama Koala shines–their customer service is top-notch.

They really go the extra mile to make sure that their customers are completely satisfied with their diapers and are very responsive. I have seen them quickly offer replacements for any products that didn’t meet standards (which is rare but can happen sometimes just as it happens with ALL products and brands!) and genuinely work to understand and resolve any issues customers make known to them.

Overall, you can feel good about this company’s customer service has your back.

Mama Koala Pocket Diaper Features

Mama Koala diapers are a one-size pocket style diaper, meaning it consists of a shell and an insert you stuff inside.

Like other pockets, the opening is at the back of the diaper. Mama Koala pockets feature an extra wide opening, which is awesome for those of us with big hands (like me!) The outer lining is made from a waterproof TPU.

There is a soft stay-dry lining made from suede that wicks away moisture to keep baby feeling dry.

This diaper has three rise settings to get a better fit at different ages and stages. The elastics are perfectly designed to get a gentle, yet firm fit around babies legs and torso to prevent leaks and blowouts.

These diapers come with one 3-layer microfiber insert that can be snapped down to fit in the diaper at all rise settings. Snapping the insert down also allows an extra layer of absorbency where it is needed most (the front for boys and the back for girls).

All in all, it’s a pretty typical pocket diaper. Great quality for a great price!


There are several pros to choosing Mama Koala diapers:

  1. Awesome price tag
  2. Adorable prints–seriously, there is a style and print for everyone. So many cute and beautiful choices.
  3. Great resale value
  4. Excellent customer service
  5. On Amazon Prime, meaning quick shipping
  6. A HUGE selection readily available on Amazon (one of their prime selling locations)


Even though Mama Koala is a great buy (especially for the price), there are a few cons that may bother people:

  1. No hip snap – many other brands of pockets don’t have this, either, but they’re often a great asset to a diaper. They help hold the diaper up to keep the wings from drooping.
  2. The release of new prints can be sensationalized and a big turn off for people that aren’t collectors and are just trying to get quality diapers at a good price.
  3. Sometimes new prints are bought out by “flippers” and sold for higher prices in buy/sell/trade groups.
  4. They run a little smaller than some other brands of diapers, meaning it might not be the best fit for all babies (but then it will be a better fit for some babies over others, too!)
  5. Only come with microfiber inserts, which is the cheapest kind of insert and many people don’t like them. However, you can use any insert you want with any pocket diaper–you will just have to buy separately.

Mama Koala Experience

I have found Mama Koala diapers to be a very typical pocket diaper, and that’s a good thing! I have had a great experience with almost all brands of pocket diapers, and have only tried two brands I wasn’t fond of (Mama Koala is not one of them!) The great price of these diapers certainly makes them stand out.

They offer a different fit than Alvas (or Kawaii). If you have been looking for an economically priced pocket, tried other cheap diapers and wanted to like them, but they weren’t quite right for you, these diapers would be an excellent choice to try next.

I also love that I know more about the manufacturing practices of Mama Koala than what I can find of Alva. It helps me to feel more comfortable and confident in my purchases.

Where To Buy

Mama Koala does not sell from their own website. Their main retailer is Amazon, and Amazon has a HUGE selection. The only downside is you buy them in a set of 6, so you can’t just order one to try out. The Fluffy Penguin is a site where you can order just one to try if you wish.

However, the price per diaper is cheaper on Amazon by a couple bucks. If you’re looking to build up your stash anyway, the best way to get the cheapest price is with a 6-pack on Amazon. Amazon also has far more prints available than other websites.

Click here to order a 6-pack of Mama Koalas in your favorite prints!

Are you going to try Mama Koala diapers? Have you tried them before? Let me know in the comments.