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I recently purchased a Lalabye Baby Diaper after hearing some great things about them, and oh my goodness… I wish I knew of this brand when I was building my initial diaper stash! I’m in love, and these are definitely my favorite pocket diaper of all time.

Actually, calling it a pocket is really only half true–it can be a pocket or an all-in-two diaper. All-in-twos (Ai2s) are one of my favorite diapering styles, so maybe that’s one reason I love this diaper so much.

It’s more than just the versatility, though. This diaper is all around a great choice, and while my bumGenius 4.0/5.0s have served me well over the last 5 years, if I’m being completely honest…had I known about these back then, these would have been my choice for the bulk of my stash.

Let’s dive in and look at what makes this diaper one of my top recommendations.

Here is my video review of this diaper, but continue reading for more details, as well!

Diaper Materials

The Lalabye Baby diapers have an outer waterproof shell made with a stretchy TPU and an inner, stay-dry layer of microsuede.

This diaper comes with bamboo inserts! In a world where almost all pocket diaper manufacturers send microfiber inserts standard with their diapers, this is a HUGE plus!

The bamboo inserts can be tucked inside the pocket if you want your baby to have wetness protection, or the inserts can be snapped on over the liner to be used as an all-in-two for all the pocket haters out there.

All of their one-size diapers have snap closures (no hook & loop option). That may be a downside for some people, but if you prefer snaps (like I do), then you will love this diaper.

Pocket Design & Features

The design of this diaper is unlike any other diaper I’ve seen. They have tweaked typical diaper designs to fix common problems and found almost perfect solutions.

The Outer Shell

First, let’s start on the outside of the diaper. The shell gives a good stretch which makes it easier to put on my son (30 pounds and almost 2 years old!) lalabye-baby-diaper-snaps

The line of snap closures is a special rainbow design to help you make sure that you are fastening the diaper evenly and on the right rows. While this maybe isn’t as important for “cloth diaper pros” (IE mom or dad who does tons of diaper changes on a daily basis), it is a great feature to have when you send cloth diapers with your baby to daycare or when he or she is with other caregivers.lalabye-baby-rise-settings

My daycares have been great about accepting cloth, but depending on who does the diaper change, they are often put on a bit strangely. Having this row of rainbow snaps would have helped out a ton.

Lastly, notice how there are 4 rise options on this diaper. Most one-size diapers have 3-rise settings. Having an additional rise option allows you to get a more precise fit so you spend less time in those awkward transition phases when you experiment with letting the rise out.

The Inside of the Diaper

Now let’s move to the inside of the diaper. You can see in the photo that there is a lot going on here!inside-lalabye-baby-diaper

Starting with the inserts, you see I have them snapped in at this time. This is showing you how you can use this pocket as an all-in-two without the inserts moving around on you (because really, you could use any pocket as an Ai2 if you wanted as long as the insert was skin-safe, but without a way to secure the insert, they often bunch up which can cause issues). There is also a snap at the front of the diaper, but it is covered by the belly band in the photo.

You have a pocket opening at the back AND the front. The purpose of this is so that you don’t have to pull the inserts out before washing them. With an opening on both sides, they will agitate out on their own.lalabye-pocket-openings

There are other pocket diapers with this design (like Nicki’s) and it hasn’t always been my favorite thing because often, the inner liner of the diaper rides up past the opening of the diaper, which then wicks the wetness out of the diaper onto your baby’s stomach and clothing.

However, Lalabye Baby solved this issue by adding the TPU belly band at the top of the diaper, which will keep any insert or liner from riding out of the top of the diaper.

You can really see how this company paid attention to every little detail and dedicated themselves to creating the best design they could. Like I said earlier, I wish I had built my pocket stash on these diapers!



This diaper comes with two bamboo inserts: a small and a large. They can also be snapped together and used at the same time.

If you choose to use the pocket feature of this diaper, you can really add any insert you want to get the right amount of absorbency.

I use both bamboo inserts snapped together for my 30 lb, almost 2-year-old and it has been plenty for him for daytime.

I do not think this would be enough at night for most babies (especially older babies or toddlers). But if you have the room in the diaper without creating leg gaps, you could add an insert (or maybe a flour sack towel) inside the pocket area and try it out at night.


The fit. Is. AWESOME.

This is seriously one of the best fitting pockets I have used. It fits my son’s body shape like a glove. Maybe my enthusiasm is a bit over the top, but I promise you I am being honest. This is one of the best fits I have gotten from a cloth diaper.

Given the 4 different rise settings, the stretchiness of the TPU, and the length & width of the wings of this diaper, it really does give a great fit.


This diaper is priced on the medium-high end for a pocket/Ai2. Considering all of the features and the careful attention to detail, it is priced fairly. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest pockets, Lalabye Baby may not be right for you.

Cons of Lalabye Baby Diapers


I’m going to be honest… I can’t come up with any glaring cons.

The only thing I have to share is incredibly nitpicky. Out of the package, my diaper had a seam or two at the top that was undone (pictured below). I can tell this diaper is incredibly well-made, so I don’t think this is typical and I have not tried reaching out for a replacement.

As you can see from the picture, it is very minor and it doesn’t really impact my function on a day to day basis, and I could probably repair it myself easily with a needle and thread if I felt it really needed it.

I wasn’t even sure if it was worth mentioning, but I needed a con and honestly, I don’t have any other negative things to say about this diaper. If my son wasn’t going to potty train within the next year, I would purchase many more.

Add Lalabye Baby Diapers to Your Stash!

I hope you find this review helpful. I know I love a lot of diapers, but I haven’t felt as “moved” by a diaper as I have by this one in a long time. You can get Lalabye Baby Diapers at Nicki’s Diapers by clicking here.

Have you tried Lalabye Baby diapers? Let me know what you think about them in the comments!