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NEW Force Of Nature Cleaning Review – New & Improved

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Several months ago, I ordered the Force of Nature cleaning system after seeing it in my Facebook ads for quite some time. I was drawn to it because of how safe it was around my pets and kids. It is tough on germs–I’m admittedly a bit of a hypochondriac, especially when it comes to stomach bugs, so I like having a cleaner that I can trust to kill those nasties when someone in the house gets sick.

I purchased my original device on my own dime. However, the Force of Nature company has redesigned the appliance and they offered to send me their new design to try out. Here is my new Force of Nature cleaning review.

What Is Force Of Nature?

Force of Nature is an appliance that uses water plus a salt & vinegar capsule to make electrolyzed water– hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide.

Hypochlorous acid is the same substance our immune system makes to kill germs. It kills 99.9% of germs including staph, MRSA, norovirus, salmonella, and listeria.

Outside of germ killing, it has a lot of other cool uses, such as treating stains and killing odors. It can be used on virtually any surface–it is so gentle and safe!

Hypochlorous acid has been used in the industrial space for a long time because of it’s gentle, yet fierce ability to sanitize, but has only recently become more accessible at home. Electrolyzed water is only potent for about two weeks after being made before it starts to break down and become less effective which makes selling it on a shelf in a store virtually impossible. What you really need is equipment to make it yourself, and that is now readily available with Force of Nature.

To learn more, click here to see my original review on the Force of Nature cleaning appliance. You can also click here to read my six favorite uses for Force of Nature!

New Designnew-force-of-nature-nozzle

While the old Force of Nature system wasn’t difficult to use, it was a multi-piece appliance. It involved filling up a bottle with tap water, adding a capsule of the vinegar/salt solution, and then connecting it to the base to run the electrical current through it.

With the new design, you add the water and capsule directly into the bottle that has the charging device attached. There is no separate base. There is also a color-coded light system that helps you remember when you made the solution (since it is only potent for 2 weeks after making it, it’s helpful to have this reminder!)

The spray bottle also has a slight improvement in the nozzle–you can spin the nozzle to get the type of stream you want from the bottle. You can get anywhere from a firm jet that concentrates in one area to a stream that is pretty misty. This is awesome! Different jobs require different applications, and this new bottle makes it easier than ever.

Pros/Cons to New Design


One thing I really appreciate about the new design is that it’s fewer pieces to store. I kept the old system in a cabinet in my kitchen and every time I opened the cabinet to get something, the charging bottle would always fall out, and it was driving me nuts. From a storage perspective, the new design is much nicer.

Keeping track of when the solution was made is also super handy. I typically don’t have a problem getting through the whole bottle of solution before it expires, but at times I get behind on cleaning. It’s a good reminder to kick it up a notch when I realized it’s been awhile since I last made some!

There aren’t really any cons to the new design. It is a nice design, but if you purchased the old design, this is not something you need to go out and repurchase. You’re not really missing out on anything–at the end of the day, it’s creating the same product you have been making in the old device all along. But if you don’t have a Force of Nature yet, this is definitely worth the purchase!

Favorite Uses

When one of my kids gets sick (and they are go to daycare, so it happens more than I’d like), I kind of just walk around with the bottle spraying every surface that their little hands would touch. I may go a little bit overboard…

I also love it for deodorizing and sanitizing the cloth diaper bin. Part of my washing ritual for my diapers is I bring the bin to the laundry room, get the diapers in the wash, then I grab my Force of Nature and liberally spray down the bin. I hardly even scrub or wipe it out unless it’s needed–usually I just get it all sprayed and let it air dry while the diapers get clean. This helps kill the germs and odors in the bin.

I love it for cleaning spills in the refrigerator and wiping down counters and surfaces after prepping raw meat. I also love it for spraying down the inside of my reusable shopping bags after purchasing raw meat.

Force of Nature FAQs

Here are some FAQs that you may be concerned about when considering this product.

1. If the solution is only good for two weeks, does some of it go to waste?

The amount of solution you use in a two-week period can vary quite a bit from family to family. It depends on your cleaning habits, how big your house is (more bathrooms, more usage!), and what other sorts of things you like to use Force of Nature for.

I am not a “clean freak” by any means. I clean an average amount and try to keep my house from getting too gross, but we are human.

Cleaning routines are a struggle for me (though I’m still working on it!), so some cleaning jobs don’t happen daily. That said, we never have an issue getting through the whole bottle in two weeks.

The device makes a moderate amount at one time. It is less than you would buy in a cleaning bottle at the store.

2. Does it actually work as a multi-purpose cleaner? Can I really use it for everything?

Force of Nature is a true multi-purpose cleaner, and I never think twice about using it for anything I want. I know it is effective, yet gentle. It is not going to leave bleach spots on clothing, carpets, furniture, etc so it really can be used anywhere in your home.

That said, there are a few jobs I have other product preferences for. Cleaning windows, mirrors, and stainless steel is the main one that comes to mind. I LOVE using microfiber and the Norwex Window Cleaning Cloth for those kinds of jobs. I do think they work better than Force of Nature for those uses.

However, I use Force of Nature for pretty much everything else. I don’t use it on my floors other than general spot cleaning–it would just take so much to get the whole area, so I usually use my E-Cloth mop system on my floors. However, if we had sickness go through the house, then I would have no qualms about spraying my Force of Nature solution all over the floor before mopping.

3. Is it worth the price?

Whether something is worth the price is relative to each person’s budget and priorities. I love having this cleaner as an option in my home, so it is worth the price to me. If you are currently satisfied with what you are using and don’t feel like you’re spending too much on your cleaning products, then it may not be worth the price to you.

Force of Nature has some stats about being significantly cheaper than other products per ounce. I do go through Force of Nature faster than other products, though. I think part of that is because I use Force of Nature for more things (for example, I wouldn’t use a Method spray on my carpet or on clothing stains).

The only complaint I have about the price is that the salt & vinegar capsules average about $0.80/each. Salt and vinegar is dirt cheap and it’s less than a tablespoon (maybe only slightly more than a teaspoon?) of liquid per capsule. Because the measurements need to be precise to make hypochlorous acid, you can’t DIY the capsules. This is the only part I don’t love.

UPDATE July 2020

Force of Nature cleaning appliance has now lowered its price to make the product more accessible! On top of a new, lower price, you can still take advantage of some promo codes for an additional discount.

Get $15 off Starter Kits & value bundles with free shipping with code SAFESUMMER.


I hope this Force of Nature cleaning review helped you figure out if this is what your family needs.

If you are someone that wants to clean their home with safe, natural, and green cleaners, the Force of Nature cleaning appliance is perfect for you! Now is the perfect time to buy with the newly designed appliance. The awesome thing with Force of Nature is that you can get excellent deals on them by signing up for their mailing list–they frequently email about sales and promos they have going on.

Definitely buy the appliance on a promo deal–they have them frequently enough that they are worth waiting for.

What are your favorite uses for Force of Nature? Let me know in the comments!

Review Overview
Appliance Design
Ease of Use

The new Force of Nature redesign is awesome! It is easy to use and can easily tackle a number of jobs around the house. The cost of the appliance is decent, but the capsules are a little pricey in my opinion. I love the new features on the charging base and the spray bottle, but I do wish the bottle had a wide mouth to make it easier to pour. Overall, I love this product and fully recommend it!


Holly Lee

I'm Holly and I'm the mom of two awesome young boys with a girl due summer 2020. We have been cloth diapering for 6 years. My family and I live in Minnesota with our dog, Ruby, and cat, Gherkin. Outside of Rocking the Cloth, I am also a middle school teacher. Thank you for visiting Rocking the Cloth--feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns. I'd love to help!

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  1. Jake says:

    This looks like a great quality product for safe cleaning. The new design looks to be an improvement. Do you think it is much more functional now? How strong is the scent? I will be checking this out as my wife wants to move us toward “greener” products. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Holly Lee says:

      Hi Jake– yes, it is more functional now! I thought the old design was fine, but I do like having less steps. The scent is mild, though I used it in my classroom one day and I was quite surprised my students noticed it!

  2. Alketa says:

    Hello, I found this New Force of Nature Review very helpful. I like the fact that this product has a wide range of use, and with this, we can replace many different products that we use at our homes for cleaning. It is perfect that this product kills 99.9% of germs, and I think that for it is the right product for every mother like me, that wants to have a safe and clean home where to raise our kids. 

    Thank you


    1. Holly Lee says:

      Thanks Alketa. It’s an awesome product, that’s for sure!

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