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Many of us are looking for ways to neutralize odors in the home without toxic scents that just cover up the smells. Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal Bags have recently become very popular. But do they even work?

Now that I have been making an effort to avoid synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals when possible, I’ve found I’m becoming more sensitive to fragrances. They just make me feel sick!

I received a candle as a gift from someone, and while I loved and appreciated that beautiful gesture of kindness, I found I couldn’t keep the candle in the house anymore because I seemed to be able to smell it everywhere I went. I ended up giving it to a family member that loves collecting candles so it can get some proper use. It showed me that from now on, I need to avoid synthetic fragrances for my personal comfort.

I bought a set of these charcoal bags a couple of months ago to try out in some areas that are prone to stink. See my experience here, and decide if these are right for your home!

What Are Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal Bags?

These Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal bags are natural air purifiers. These durable bags are filled with activated charcoal. That’s it–just one single ingredient! Activated charcoal has a lot of trendy uses nowadays, but perhaps one of the best is air purifying and neutralizing odors. Activated charcoal (or activated carbon) is commonly used in many filters and purifiers for air and water.

These bags are specifically meant for air purifying. You can use them anywhere you want–your car, bathrooms, closets, gym bags, inside shoes, and even to neutralize litter box odors and other pet urine issues.

breathe green bamboo charcoal bags diaper pailHow To Use

These bags come with a helpful metal ring from which you can hang these bags if you wish. You can also just set them in places.

You do not need to do anything to prep them when you receive them, but after you start using them, it’s a good idea to set them out in the sun to recharge every few months.

That’s it! These are extremely easy to use.

Who Should Buy These?

If you are looking for something to help you combat odors in specific rooms or places, would prefer a non-toxic solution, or don’t like synthetic fragrances, these are a great choice for odor control.

They are inexpensive, reusable, and extremely easy to use and recharge (just set in the sun for a few hours!) You can get a couple of years of use out of them, and you don’t have to worry about any negative effects that using toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances could have on your health.

Do They Work?

breathe green bamboo charcoal bags cabinetI purchased these to help with some weird odors in our cabinets in our new house. I put one in the cabinet where the garbage can sits, one in the pantry, one over our diaper pail, one in the utility room (where the litter box is), and one in the basement living room where my dog has had some accidents.

Overall, I did notice an improvement in the smells, but they aren’t perfect. It also doesn’t completely cover up the garbage smell, but as I said earlier, I do notice an improvement.

If you seem to have trouble with them, try setting them out in direct sunlight for a few hours and try again. Although you aren’t supposed to have to do that right away, many people noted that they found they work better sunning them right off the bat.

Here are the pros & cons:


  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable
  • Simple to Use
  • Effective for some minor smells


  • Doesn’t always eliminate 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} of odors
  • Can be hard to recharge in sunlight in the middle of winter

Overall, I do feel like these help with minor smell issues. If you are dealing with some big issues, I think you need to tackle the root of the smell before you can expect these to work. Many of the reviews say they eliminated smells as strong as cigarette smoke–I have not tried them on cigarette smoke since we don’t smoke, but I will be honest that my experience hasn’t been that miraculous. I think mine may need a recharge right now, but it’s difficult because it’s been a cloudy December week.

They aren’t expensive, so I do think they are worth a try for general odor control because they can help. But if you have severe odor issues, I think you will need to dig deeper than these.

Other Alternatives

When you need a passive odor reducer, these Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal bags are certainly helpful, non-toxic, & inexpensive.

force-of-nature-odor-reducerHowever, they aren’t necessarily the right choice for every situation. When I have serious odor issues, I much prefer my Force of Nature cleaner for an effective and non-toxic solution. Force of Nature does more than reduce odors–it kills the germs and bacteria causing them, which gets to the root of the cause.

Another option is essential oils (EOs). EOs aren’t something you want to just jump right into–they do require you do quite a bit of research and not just on quality brands but on oil safety. Many people use EOs improperly, which makes them just as toxic as man-made chemicals. If you have children or pets in the house, you need to be even more cautious about which oils you use and how you use them.

For that reason, outside of lavender and tea tree oil, I use very few EOs in my home at this time. With pets and small children, I try to make sure the products I use are completely safe.

Not to mention that essential oils can be rather expensive, and if they aren’t, they often are a low-quality brand.

For a safe, non-toxic option that benefits the whole family, give these Breath Green Bamboo Charcoal bags a try for the odor issues you are facing!

Have you tried these Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal bags or something similar? Let me know what you thought about them in the comments!

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