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I have a weakness for home products. I will admit that I’m always on a quest to find the best products for my family–products that are easy on the wallet, easy on the earth, and easy on our health. When I discovered Grove Collaborative, naturally I NEEDED to try it. This Grove Collaborative Review will discuss the company and my experiences with them.

What Is Grove Collaborative & How Does It Work?



Grove Collaborative (Grove.Co) is a membership & subscription-based home store. They have a passion for making green and natural products available to everyone.

It is a recurring shipment service, however, it is extremely easy to pause, cancel, or move deliveries. And they always send out an email a week before they ship one so if you forget to change or cancel your order, you get a reminder before it’s too late.

I LOVE that feature because I am pretty back at keeping track of these things. 😉

Typically, I don’t love things that I have to sign up for as a subscription. However, Grove.Co is awesome because they are mostly consumable products that we will need to replenish. I have been ordering our dishwasher detergent, bar soap for my husband, etc. through Grove Collaborative.

They have other products, too, like personal care, wellness, and baby. I don’t order those regularly, but I do add them to my orders as needed.

You can sign up for Grove Collaborative completely free! With a free membership, you just pay 2.99 shipping on orders under $49, but you get free shipping after that amount.

But for just $19.99 a year, you can sign up for the VIP membership which includes free shipping on any order no matter the size, 4 free gifts a year, and exclusive sales. The free gifts are awesome! If you plan to make Grove your core place for ordering household supplies, it is worth it to go VIP.

Selection & Pricing

grove-collaborative-reviewGrove Collaborative only carries products that meet their standards for being non-toxic, effective, cruelty-free, and sustainable. Because of that, the selection is not quite the same as shopping at Amazon or other big shops.

However, it’s awesome that they have done some of the vetting work for you. Maybe it’s just me, but investigating every ingredient and how a product is made can get exhausting.

Grove has it’s own label for products, but they also carry brands like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, Grab Green, Babyganics, Dr. Bronner’s, New Chapter, HONU, Babo Botanicals, Burt’s Bees, and many more.

Note: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t investigate these products for yourself, too. Everyone has different standards for what they consider healthy, ethical, etc. Some of the products they carry may not be right for your family if you have specific things you’re looking to avoid.

But for the average family looking to make better choices but needing some help, it is nice you know that you can trust the brands and products Grove carries.

Pricing is competitive and on par with other stores. Just as with any store and products, you may find that you get the best price on one thing at one store, and a better price on a different thing at another (this is one reason why I frequently hit up 3-4 stores when grocery shopping!)

Grove is similar. For example, I buy the Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent powder from them. Prices can change at any time, but right now most Seventh Generation dishwasher products are priced better at Grove Collaborative than Amazon. I find that to be the case for a lot of products, but I won’t say that I never find a better deal elsewhere.

As with all your shopping, it pays to be a savvy shopper. Buy what it makes sense to buy at Grove, but shop for deals on things if it makes sense to do so.

Why Choose Grove Collaborative Over Other Shops?

Other than feeling comfortable with the quality and ethical standards of the products they offer, one cool thing Grove Collaborative does is carbon offset every order!

To carbon offset means that for every order they ship out, they contribute to projects and organizations that help to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. These could be things like solar installations & wind farms.

Grove contributes to these causes at no extra cost to the consumer.

I don’t know about you, but I love the convenience of online shopping. However, I always feel guilty about any excess shipments.

This was one reason I canceled my Amazon prime account–I realized that Amazon has free shipping over $25 anyway, and I was working hard to consolidate orders to only once a month (twice at the most). If I was only doing one order a month, I’d easily hit $25.

Plus, Grove’s version of Prime (the VIP membership) is only $20/year. So if you do want the flexibility to make multiple orders without worrying about shipping costs, that is much cheaper than a Prime membership!

Though I admit they aren’t apples to apples comparisons–a Prime membership has more than just free shipping included. But do think about how you normally use Prime–I never watch any of the shows, so really I was just paying over $100/yr for free shipping. To me, that makes the VIP membership at Grove a better deal because of how I use the sites.

And overall, I’d much rather buy from an organization that is aware of the impact its shipping practices can have on the environment. That’s why I love shopping at Grove.

As far as customer service goes, Grove does this well. It is easy to get a response from them, and if you decide you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, it is very easy to do so.


Final Recommendation

I absolutely love Grove Collaborative! I hope this Grove Collaborative Review showed you why. It is a great site to shop from if you have goals similar to mine–a clean, healthy, and eco-friendly home. You honestly have nothing to lose by signing up for at least the free membership and price checking some of your normal household purchases on this site.

If you do decide to upgrade to the VIP membership, that is an awesome deal, too! I’ve loved the free gifts I’ve received–they’re always lovely.

You can start by signing up and receiving a free VIP trial to see how you like it. You also get an awesome free gift upon signing up for your first time.

I focused mostly on household goods in this review because that’s mostly what I utilize Grove Collaborative for, but I want to reiterate that they have so many awesome things that you should check it out for yourself! Personal & body care, pet care, babies, & maternity are just some of the categories they carry.

Now they even have a sister site called Roven that carries exclusively clean beauty products. There isn’t a separate membership needed for this site–you can purchase with your Grove membership.

Sign Up for Grove Collaborative!


Click here to sign up for Grove Collaborative! Browse the products and see for yourself what you think.

Have you used Grove Collaborative? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!