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Best Bottom diapers are a very popular choice in the hybrid/all-in-two diapering world. Many cloth diapering families swear by them. There are so many adorable prints to choose from for the covers, and there are also a variety of choices available when it comes to insert selection, giving you absorbency options.

How to Use

best-bottomsThe Best Bottom cloth diapers are designed to be used as an easy all-in-two system; that means you lay an insert in the cover and put on your baby–no folding, stuffing, pinning, or any extra work.

One thing that makes the Best Bottom cloth diapers a unique all-in-two system is that the inserts actually have a snap on each end so they can snap right into the cover. This prevents the insert from sliding around or bunching up, which is why so many people swear by these.

You will need at least 8 covers and 18 inserts per size (can always purchase more if you want to be able to go a day or so longer between washings). When you go to change the baby, if it was just a wet diaper (or if it was a poopy diaper, but the poop was contained to the insert), you can take out just the insert, wipe down the cover, and then put a fresh one in. You do not need a new cover each time you change the baby–you just need to change the cover if it was a particularly messy diaper!

Fit and Style

The Best Bottom diapering system includes a one-size cover, but sized inserts. That means the cover will grow along with your baby, but you will need to purchase new inserts as your baby gets bigger. Having sized inserts allows the snap-in system to work more effectively, gives a proper amount of absorbency, and keeps the diapers very trim-fitting.

The small inserts fit babies from birth to about 14 lbs. They are 11 inches in length. The medium inserts fit from 11-22 lbs and are 12.75 inches in length. The large fit from 16-35 lbs and are 13.75 inches in length. There is also an extra large option if you need it (you will need to purchase the XL shell or Heavy Wetter AIO). They fit from 26 lbs to 45 lbs and are 15.25 inches in length.

best-bottom-coversIf cost is a consideration, the manufacturer of these diapers has said that many people can skip the medium size inserts and go straight from small to large. Each baby is different, of course, but it is possible!

The diaper covers feature double gussets at the leg holes that help get the best fit possible around the legs. Those of us that had chicken-legged babies know how important a great fit around the legs is!

The covers come in a large selection of colors and prints. One awesome thing about all-in-twos is that if you really love the color or print of a diaper cover, your baby may be able to wear that cover for a large part of the day instead of just a couple hours, which is fun!


All materials in the Best Bottoms diapering system are made in the USA. The diaper cover is made from a double layer of PUL, and you have the choice between snap closures and hook & loop.

best-bottoms-stay-dry-insertFor the inserts, there are many choices. First, the Stay Dry insert is 4 layers of microfiber topped with fleece to protect baby’s skin from the microfiber (microfiber can dry out and irritate the skin if it is directly against it) and leave them feeling dry.

The second kind of insert option is the Hemp/Organic Cotton insert. These inserts are five layers of hemp/organic cotton with a top layer of fleece. Because these are natural fibers, they will need to be washed 4-5 times before use to make them as absorbent as possible.

The third type of insert is Bamboo inserts. These are 6 layers of bamboo viscose and are very trim. They will also need to be washed a handful of times before the first use.

Next, there are Stay Dry Bamboo inserts. They are the same as the regular bamboo inserts except that they have a layer of fleece on top to wick away moisture from baby’s skin.

The great thing about Best Bottoms is that they also have so many overnight insert options! For overnight inserts, there are microfiber, hemp/organic cotton, and bamboo options. They are similar to the above, but have even more layers for more absorbency. The hemp/organic cotton and bamboo options will need to be washed 4-5 times prior to use.

All of these insert options make it a breeze to find the perfect insert for your family.


These diapers are top-notch quality and hold up very well over time. As much of the raw materials as possible used to manufacture the diapers were made in the USA. Each diaper is handcrafted at a US factory. You can trust that these diapers are made with genuine love and care for babies everywhere, as well as the environment.

Price and Where to Get

This system of cloth diapers has middle-ground pricing. They are not the cheapest diaper cover or inserts you will find, but in my experience you always get what you pay for. They are also not the most expensive system out there, either. The all-in-two systems in general tend to be cheaper than other styles of cloth diapers, like all-in-ones. You can get a full stash of this system of diapers for less than 1/3 of the price it would take to buy two and a half years worth of even a generic brand of disposable diapers. Can’t beat that!

Nicki’s Diapers is the official creator of the Best Bottom diapers. You will be able to get the most thorough information and options purchasing directly through them. They are a fabulous company, and I’ve been happy with all the purchases I’ve made with them.

You can also get Best Bottom diapers on Amazon if you prefer. However, I usually prefer to buy directly from diaper retailers. If shipping costs is a concern, Nicki’s Diapers offers free shipping after a certain amount of money, and that amount is usually pretty low and easy to hit with even just one or two items. The reason I prefer to order directly from the diaper retailers is that they very often include free gifts with their orders!

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My Experience

My experience with these diapers is that they are incredibly trim fitting and I absolutely loved the double gussets on the legs. I also really appreciated all of the insert options available. Compared to other all-in-two systems, Best Bottoms has the best insert selection by far. This makes getting the right amount of absorbency easier than ever.

I never had any issues with these diapers. The rise is lower than some other brands of diapers, so if you prefer a higher rise, you may want to look into BumGenius Flip Diapers or the Grovia Hybrid Diapers. You may also wish to look into those other systems if you would like the option to use disposable inserts in the covers at times.

Investing in the Best Bottom Diapering System

The Best Bottom system is an excellent choice for your cloth diaper stash. You will love how easy they are to use, how cute the covers are, and have much money you save. If you’re not sure if you want a full stash of all-in-twos, it’s definitely worth getting even a couple covers and some inserts to have as part of a diverse collection. You won’t regret it!


Have you tried Best Bottoms before? If not, would you like to give them a try? Let me know in the comments!