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BumGenius Flip Diapers are the hybrid system released by bumGenius (BG). Hybrid diapers are an all in two system that consist of a cloth diaper shell typically made of PUL or TPU, and then a choice between cloth or disposable inserts.

The disposable inserts are usually biodegradable, which is where they have a leg up on regular disposables and why you might go with a hybrid system if you’d otherwise choose disposables but want to be a little more eco-friendly.

Hybrids first started hitting the market in the US with G-Diapers in 2006, and Grovia released their hybrid system in 2009. Finding an exact release date of the bumGenius Flips is proving difficult, but I remember them being a pretty new thing when I bought my first set somewhere between the end of 2013 or early in 2014.

When hybrids were first released, they were a bit controversial. Many parents were excited to try them out, while other cloth diaper purists thought they were unnecessary. Now, hybrids have a steady place in the cloth diaper community.

BumGenius Flip Diapers- What Are They Like?

bumgenius-flip-diapersFlips are a two-piece system. The cover is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate). That is a water-proof material that is commonly used as an outer layer on cloth diapers to keep them from leaking.

The inside of the cover has two flaps–one at the front and one at the back. Those flaps are what you can tuck each end of the insert into to keep it in place.

The second piece of the bumGenius flip system is the insert. BumGenius makes two types of cloth inserts and a disposable insert option.

The stay dry insert is the most common. It is made with three layers of microfiber and a layer of microsuede on top to wick moisture away quickly. They come in newborn sizes and one-size. The one-size inserts can be folded as needed to properly fit which rise the diaper is snapped to, and there is stitching on the insert to guide you to the appropriate lengths.

The organic cotton inserts are also a great option for babies with sensitive skin, or if you have a personal preference for all-natural materials. These cotton inserts have an Okeo-Tex certification (click here to learn more about Oeko-Tex certified textiles). They come in day and nighttime options so you can find the level of absorbency you need. It is a single-layer material that can be folded to fit babies of varying sizes.

flip-disposable-insertsThe disposable insert option is the only disposable diaper insert to receive Okeo-Tex certification. They are dye and fragrance free, and work great as a booster if you need a little extra absorbency at times (such as overnights).

The Flip disposable inserts can also be used with other hybrid systems like Grovia Hybrids and other bumGenius and Econobums covers. They’re great to have on hand even if you don’t plan on using Flips for the long haul. They may help you out quite a bit during travel or other times you need the convenience of a disposable diaper.

Lastly, Flips have a potty-training option. Pull-ups are VERY expensive, so these are a great alternative to that even if you didn’t use cloth diapers during infancy. These trainers are a bit different from the Flips diapers, and here are the differences in a nutshell:

-They can be pulled on or snapped off

-Side snaps instead of front snaps

-The insert can be secured with velcro strips

-Side panels can be removed or customized for perfect fit

Pros & Cons – How Well Do They Work?

flip-diaper-on-newbornFlips hold a special place in my heart. They were one of the very first one-size diapers to work on my skinny, chicken-legged newborn. Because they are so trim, I was able to get these covers to close over my baby’s skinny legs much better than any of the other one-size diapers I had at that time. I first used them successfully when my son was between 7-8 lbs.

As my baby got older, they continued to be a great and reliable diaper for us. They were so easy to use, and I found myself reaching for these first from my clean diaper pile.

These covers aren’t just great for skinny babies, though. My youngest was built much differently than my oldest. He was/is a chunker who carries weight in the thighs. These worked great for him, too.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the inserts are not as absorbent as some others. However, the great thing about Flip covers is they are not exclusive covers–you can use ANY skin-safe insert in them. It’s also incredibly easy to layer inserts in these covers and double them up. I use the newborn Flip inserts all the time now as a doubler on top of the regular stay dry inserts for a bit of extra absorbency.

Here is my overall list of pros and cons:


  • Very trim
  • One of the most economical diapering systems
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Worked great on my skinny baby (if you have a skinny baby, you know the struggle!)
  • Can use any skin-safe insert in these covers (unlike some other hybrids)
  • These covers have flaps to help keep the insert in place
  • Disposable insert option for when you need to focus on convenience


  • The Flip brand stay-dry inserts aren’t as absorbent as some others (but they are very trim, so it’s understandable).
  • Some people might prefer a snap system instead of flaps to keep the inserts from sliding around or bunching up.
  • If you plan to try these out during the newborn days, you may need to pick up a few extra covers. Newborns poop a lot!

Who Will Best Love The Flip System?

If any of the following descriptors describe you, you will love flips:

  • You want a simplified diaper stash
  • You don’t have a lot of money to devote to your stash
  • You want something that gives you a more natural disposable option when convenience is needed
  • Your baby has chicken legs, too. 😉
  • You love the idea of an all-in-two or hybrid system, but don’t want to be limited as to which brands of inserts you can use

The most common complaint I hear from others about their experience with Flips is that they do not have double gusset leg openings. A double gusset is two layers of elastic around the legs to get the best fit possible. If you are partial to double gussets, you will probably not like Flips.

In that case, I highly recommend you try out the Best Bottom Diapers all-in-two system. This diaper system has many of the same perks as Flips. The only downside is it does not have one-size inserts or a disposable insert option, and it costs a bit more from the Flips (but is still reasonably priced).

The Best Place To Purchase

Flips are sold by many companies.

Amazon is a great option if you want a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from. By far, Amazon has the best color and print selection over any other retailer I’ve found. There are just two downsides with Amazon–Flips cost a couple dollars more on Amazon, and most Flip products are not on Prime.

If you are not concerned about prints or color selections, you can save a little on Flips by purchasing from smaller cloth diaper retailers, such as Nicki’s Diapers. Nicki’s has a pretty good color/print selection of the Flip covers, too.

Not all retailers carry the organic cotton inserts, but Nicki’s Diapers does!

Simplicity & Convenience

BumGenius Flip diapers truly bring simplicity and convenience back to cloth diapers. They are quick and easy to use, and you get out of stuffing pockets but still have many of the perks that pockets give, such as the ability to layer inserts and try out different materials as needed.

Flips will save you a lot of money in your diapering journey, and not just compared to disposables! Flips are also a more economical choice than many other types of cloth diapers. If you are using cloth diapers because you are looking to save as much money as possible, Flips are definitely a good option for you to consider.

There are so many reasons to give these diapers a try. Click here to visit Nicki’s Diapers to get started with Flips.

How do you feel about bumGenius Flips? Let me know in the comments!