Does the woman pictured above look like you when you are trying to understand a cloth diaper article or forum? AiOs, CDs, WAHM, EBF….you may see these random letter clusters all over in the cloth diaper community. I promise you that cloth diapering really isn’t technical or hard to learn, so don’t let some of the lingo throw you off. In this post, we will go into some of the most common cloth diaper abbreviations and frequently used terms to explain their meanings. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion and leave you less overwhelmed. Before you know it, you will be using these terms yourself!



AiO/AiOs means All-in-One(s). These are a type of diaper that are all one piece and are the closest to a disposable (ie simple) to put on a baby.



This stands for All-in-Two. This is a two-piece system that usually consists of an outer cover with an insert that lays inside. These are also fairly simple to use. See also: Hybrid Diapers


This is a brand name abbreviation for Best Bottom diapers. They are an All-in-Two (Ai2) system.


No, not boyfriend…not best friend….breastfeeding! Also used with an -ing at the end: BFing.


This is the brand name abbreviation for bumGenius diapers.


This is simply the abbreviation for “cloth diapers”–we are not talking about audio discs. 😉


Terms of endearment for family members: DD is Dear Daughter, DS is Dear Son, DH = Dear Husband, DW = Dear Wife


This also refers to breastfeeding, but the E means exclusively (so no formula or solid foods).


In most of the internet world, this means Facebook…but in the cloth diaper world, it means FuzziBunz! FuzziBunz is a brand of cloth diaper.


This stands for one-size–these are the diapers that have different adjustable rise settings to fit babies from birth through potty training.


This stands for Polyurethane Laminate. This a common material used to make covers and the outer shells of diapers. It is a waterproof fabric.


This is another brand name abbreviation. It stands for Rumparooz diapers.


This stands for Rockin’ Green Detergent. This detergent is designed to help keep hard water minerals from building up on your clothes.


This stands for stay-at-home-mom/dad.


This is another brand abbreviation. It stands for Sustainablebabyish.


This stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This is another waterproof material like PUL, but it is made a little differently (heat bond instead of chemical bond). It is also thought to be biodegradable.


This means work-at-home-mom/dad. This term is used to describe any parent that works from home for any sort of job, but there is a whole world of WAHM-made cloth diapers that are very popular. There are several sellers out there, and many can be found on Etsy.

Other Terms

Here are some other important cloth diaper terms that aren’t necessarily abbreviations:


Aplix is the type of diaper fastener–it’s more commonly referred to as Velcro or hook & loop.


Contoured means that the diaper style has some ruching to get a better, closer fit to baby. Some people love contoured fits; others do not.


A doubler refers to a second, usually smaller, insert that is added for extra absorbency.


A fitted is a style of cloth diaper usually made from natural fibers. It does not have a waterproof layer, so a diaper cover is needed. These are one of the most absorbent styles of diapers.


Flats are a style of cloth diaper made of a single layer of cloth that gets folded/wrapped around baby, secured with a pin/Snappi, and covered with a diaper cover. This is the “old-fashioned” style of cloth diaper, though flats are still used by many people today.


Fluff is noun/adjective often used in the CD world to describe the look of cloth diapers. Fluffy butts are adorable!

Hook & Loop

This is a type of diaper closure, also known as Velcro or aplix.

Hybrid Diaper

Hybrid diapers are a style of all-in-two (Ai2) diaper. Hybrid brands usually give you a choice of using a cloth or disposable insert with a diaper cover.


Inserts are an important part of many styles of cloth diapers. They are the absorbent part stuffed into pockets or laid in covers for hybrids/Ai2s.


A pocket is a style of cloth diaper with a waterproof outer shell and an inner liner. There is an opening at the back that allows you to stuff inserts inside to make it absorbent.


Prefold diapers are similar to flats, but they are usually multi-layer. They can be wrapped around the baby and secured with a pin/Snappi, or they can be folded and laid inside a diaper cover.


A Snappi is a brand of diaper fastener that can be used on flats and prefolds instead of a pin. Snappis are very popular because they can be quicker and safer to use.


A stash is the term most people in the CD community used to refer to their collection of diapers.


Stripping your cloth diapers is a way of removing built up residue on your diapers that may have happened as a result from an issue with the wash routine.

Wicking (or moisture wicking)

Moisture wicking is the shifting of moisture from one area or surface to another. Moisture wicking is typically used to describe materials in a diaper that will draw moisture away from baby’s skin.


Your Go-To Reference for Cloth Diaper Lingo

I hope this extensive list of terms and abbreviations is helpful to you! Go ahead and bookmark this page for easy access as you continue your research into the world of cloth diapers. Soon, you’ll be using these terms yourself and will be wondering why your spouse or parents don’t know what you mean when you say CDs or AiOs. 😉


What do you think–does this post help clear up some confusion? Or does it only leave you more confused? Let me know in the comments!