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Throughout the years I have been using cloth diapers, I have done some experimentation to find the best all-in-one cloth diaper. The Blueberry Simplex meet that standard for me, and I just love them!

All-in-ones are one of the most convenient styles of cloth diapers. They are the easiest style to convince apprehensive spouses or caregivers to use. I also find all-in-ones to be one of the most impressive diapers to show off to cloth diaper naysayers.

There are several brands out there, and when it comes to the best all-in-one (or any style of diaper), it really boils down to personal preference based on which features are important to you. It’s possible that not every single family in the cloth diaper community would agree with me that the Blueberry Simplex is the best all-in-one diaper because for whatever reason, some families probably found a fit they prefer in a different brand. However, there are many families who share my views of the Simplex being one of the best, if not THE best, all-in-one diaper available, and for good reason.

How is the Fit? What Is It Made of?

blueberry-simplexThe Blueberry Simplex is a one-size diaper best fitting babies between 10-35 lbs. The waist measurements best fit a baby that measures between 9 and 21 inches around, and the thigh measurements it works best for are between 4-12.5 inches.

The outer layer of this diaper is waterproof, while the inner absorbent part of the diaper is made from 10 layers of 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} cotton. This is a unique all-in-one because it has openings on each end that allow you to stuff another insert (much like a pocket) if you need extra absorbency. This diaper is able to be customized for absorbency so much more than any other all-in-one that I have seen. That’s one reason why I love it so much!

The inner soaker also has a layer of microfleece that you can use for moisture-wicking purposes.


blueberry-diaperThis is a very flexible diaper compared to some other brands I have used. The cut of this diaper allows it to easily get a good fit around your baby. It fits snugly, and it is extremely soft and comfortable.

There is a flap insert soaker that has a layer of microfleece that is only sewn on one end of the diaper. You can fold the insert to the inside the diaper if you prefer your baby’s skin to only touch natural fibers, or it can be laid over the top of the middle cotton soaker area as a moisture-wicking layer (which is usually what I do). The flap agitates out all on its own in the wash, so you do not need to unfold it before putting in the diaper bin. The flap only being sewn to one end of the diaper also improves drying time, which is a concern for many kinds of all-in-ones. Above is a snapshot from the Blueberry website about some of the cool features of the diaper.

This diaper has a wide assortment of prints available. Anyone can find a print they absolutely adore. They will even have some specialty prints around holidays (but prepare to pay more for those).

Who Is It For?

This is a great all-in-one for someone looking for a soft and flexible fit for their baby and prefers to use a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. You have the option to allow 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} cotton to touch baby’s skin if you wish, but if your baby out-wets the materials, this diaper allows you to stuff more inserts into the pocket area while still having the option to keep the cotton against the skin.

If natural fibers touching the skin isn’t as important to you, you have the option of the microfleece liner on the soaker pad to help wick moisture away to create a stay-dry feel, and you still have the benefit of being able to stuff the pocket area with even more absorbent inserts!

It has a nice, trim fit for families worried about too much bulk under baby clothes. It also has a multitude of adorable prints available.

Who Is It Not For?

This diaper would not be for a family that doesn’t like all-in-ones. Some families just really don’t enjoy all-in-one style diapers and prefer other systems. If that is you, I wouldn’t invest in any Simplex.

Also, some people with heavy-wetter babies want more absorbency than cotton provides. You can still stuff the Simplex with extra soakers/inserts, but if you don’t want the hassle of that, then you may need to look into other diapers with a more absorbent inner material, such as hemp or bamboo. However, prepare to pay more for those.

What Does It Cost?

As far as all-in-ones go, this one is priced on the higher side. Certain prints may cost more, but other prints cost less. This diaper is typically priced in the mid $30s. This may be more expensive than most families are looking for.

Click here to see current prices for Bluberry Simplex All-in-One Diapers.

Here is a fun example of a holiday print (yes, it does cost more): halloween-blueberry-simplex

Get A Few of These for Your Stash!

While you may have plenty of other diapers you want to get, I highly recommend getting at least two or three of the Blueberry Simplex All-in-Ones in your stash because they really are such a great diaper. I know you will not regret investing in them! They are cute, soft, comfy, and so easy to use. They have long been one of my favorite diapers, and they are definitely my favorite all-in-one diaper. They have held up well over the years and have been used on both my children. All the seams and elastic have held up so well!

You can get the Blueberry Simplex diaper by clicking here.

Would you try a Blueberry Simplex Diaper? If you have one already, what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!