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Not all reusable sandwich bags are created equal. To spend less money, I bought some cheap ones off Amazon only to become frustrated with them and wonder if reusable bags were even worth it. Thankfully, I did eventually find some of the best reusable sandwich bags, and that has made my life so much easier!

My oldest is a kindergartener now, and he takes his lunch and a snack every day. In general, I try to avoid individually wrapped snack items, but that can be challenging with school lunches. Now that I found these bags, I love packing his lunch!

Why Getting the Best Matters

In the green & eco-friendly market, I have learned the hard way one important thing that will save me money in the long run: you get what you pay for. I love trying to find the cheapest items I can find that still meet my basic minimum requirements (example: I knew I wanted silicone bags, not PEVA material, which is common in the reusable bag market. PEVA is plastic and I’m trying to buy less plastic when possible. The durability of the bag was also a concern).

However, in my quest to find the cheapest options, I do believe I wasted a lot of money. They may not last as long, and another thing to consider is when you aren’t happy with a product, it may lead to creating more waste because you probably won’t keep it as long.

Here is a powerful video that helps reiterate why we need to move away from our plastic dependence:

I found this video very conflicting. It’s so easy to think that the amount of waste we generate doesn’t matter, but it absolutely does.

Check out my top recommendations for the best reusable sandwich bags below!

3rd Place: Trifecta Living Silicone Bag Set

This set is a great set to consider if you want to get a lot of bang for your buck. The price is reasonable, plus it comes with a bag stand for loading and a scrubber for cleaning.

With this set, you get one small snack bag, two medium bags, and two large bags. They are sturdy and air-tight when sealed.

These bags are safe to use in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and sous vide. You will want to remove the plastic sliding seal bar before putting in a microwave, oven, or anything that gets too hot.

You can use a bit of cooking oil to lubricate the seal on the bag to make it easier to manage.

While these are great bags, the sliding bar seal is my least favorite part, earning it 3rd place. It’s just more pieces to keep track of, and some people find the sliding bar annoying. But all of these bags, the stand, and the scrubber are a great value for the price. See them on Amazon here!

Runner Up: Silicone Sous Vide Bags with EZ-Lock


While these bags aren’t completely plastic free (they have some plastic at the closure), they are awesome! I actually love the bars on the top because they help keep the bag open while I fill it up. That’s not always necessary, but it’s super helpful for food-prep purposes.

These bags hold one liter. They are very thick and sturdy, and I love how easy they are to seal. These bags stand upright by design, so they are awesome for meal prepping. They are a great size for storing leftovers, holding chopped fruit & veggies for snacks, etc. They also work well for sandwiches in a lunch box. The top bar is very easy for kids to open.

They are probably too big for individual snack bags, but they are awesome to have around for many other purposes!

The only downside to the top bar is that the clasps on it could break if not cared for well.

You can see these EZ-Lock bags on Amazon here.

Grand Prize: Stasher Bags


Stasher Bags get my number one vote! Here are the reasons why:

  • Completely plastic-free design
  • Sturdy, yet flexible
  • Awesome, leak-proof seal
  • Easy for kids to open and close
  • Come in a variety of sizes
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Cleans the easiest in the dishwasher over other brands I’ve tried (the corners don’t hold gunk)
  • Microwave, oven (up to 400 degrees F), sous vide & freezer safe
  • Perfect for school lunches

I love these bags, and going forward this is the only brand I’m going to purchase. The other brands I highlighted are great, too, but for the bulk of what I need bags for, Stasher best meets my needs. You can get Stasher bags on Amazon here.

Alternatively, I got my Stasher bags for great prices from my Mighty Nest subscription.

You Won’t Regret Buying Quality Bags

Stasher Bags are my favorite, and you won’t regret purchasing them. The other bags are great buys, too. However, the market (especially Amazon) is saturated with cheap brands of bags with misleading descriptions.

Even if you type “silicone food storage bags” in the search, your results get filled with tons of PEVA. So make sure you read carefully if you decide to go with different bags. PEVA is believed to be safer than PVC, so if you want to go that route, that’s fine, too. I prefer silicone.

I have also ordered bags from Amazon that claim to be made from silicone, but once I received them, the material is highly suspect to me. They also don’t function well. They appear to actually be PEVA despite the description, and I do think they slightly alter the taste of the food. If PEVA isn’t known to alter the taste of food, then I don’t know WHAT that material is…but it’s not silicone!

I recommend going with a brand of silicone bag that you know you can trust to not end up with a pile of junky bags like I did!

What do you think the best reusable storage bags are? Let me know in the comments!