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A few months ago, I decided to order a few new diapers to try because I wanted to replace some of my older, worn out diapers. I was interested in the double gussets people raved about in the Rumparooz pocket diapers, so I threw one of them in my online cart.

My son is now two years old, and one thing I love about pocket diapers is the ability to customize absorbency more appropriately. That’s important as we enter the age where kids can pee A LOT. While potty training is *hopefully,* on the horizon, who really knows? My oldest didn’t potty train until after age three.

Anyway, I was excited to give these a try!

Rumparooz & Kanga Care

Rumparooz cloth diapers are part of the Kanga Care company based in Colorado. The owners of this company started in 2006 after their daughter was born. Their daughter was so sensitive to disposable diapers that she could not wear them for even a few hours.

They tried several kinds of cloth diapers and couldn’t find a brand that worked well for them, so they decided to design their own. This led to the invention of the (now patented) double gusset. Their goal was an easy-to-use, leakproof diaper, and they nailed it!

Some Rumparooz diapers are manufactured in the USA (Colorado and Illinois) in factories owned & operated by women. Some are also manufactured in Denmark, and some are made in China. The Chinese factory is owned by a European company and adheres to standards outlined by the International Labor Organization.

Rumparooz Pocket Diapers Materials

rumparoozRumparooz pocket diapers are made with an outer layer of TPU for waterproofing, and a soft inner layer of micro chamois to help wick away moisture. This micro chamois is 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} hypoallergenic and no-pill, unlike microfleece.

It has a sturdy elastic to seal tightly against the baby’s body and snaps to adjust the rise settings. The diaper fasteners can come in snaps or aplix.

The inserts that come with this diaper are microfiber. It comes with two of them and they have snaps so that you can configure them to provide the amount of absorbency you need.

This diaper is available in many solid colors and prints, but prints usually cost $2 more.

Rumparooz Features: Pros & Cons


The Rumparooz pocket diapers offer a lot of perks that many other diaper brands don’t.

First of all, there are the double gussets! This helps prevent any solid waste from leaking out, which is awesome in the early days of parenting before the baby is on solid food. A liquid diet means liquid poops, and cloth diapers are notoriously better at containing that than disposables are.

However, some leaks are always possible anyway, and those double gussets offer an additional layer of protection.

Second, the inner layer of micro chamois does not pill. If pilling drives you nuts, these diapers would be great for you.rumparooz-pocket-diaper-inserts

Third, it comes with two different inserts–one rectangular and one contoured. They can be snapped together to get more absorbency, or used separately.

Fourth, it has great quality elastics.

Fifth, it has four rise settings! Many diapers only have 3!

Sixth, this is one one-size diaper that may actually work on newborns! The weight range for this diaper starts at 6+ lbs.


The Rumparooz pocket diaper has a lot of perks. However, there is one thing I don’t love about it, and that is the way that it fits my son.

If you were to use both of the provided inserts in the diaper, it becomes very bulky, even on the largest rise setting. Being so bulky and the fact that the inserts are microfiber makes me worried about compression leaks.

I haven’t experienced that yet with this diaper, but it is something that I think would be more probable in this diaper over others.

Another con is that even on the largest rise setting, it runs a bit on the small side. I don’t know that this is my favorite diaper for a toddler, but I think I would love it SO MUCH for a younger baby!

However, I am SUPER curious about how well it would fit a newborn–I really think it might, which is rare for a one-size diaper. (Note: I have not tested it on a newborn yet, so I can’t say for sure–but newborn coming July 2020 so time will tell). This would save you a TON on a newborn stash, so running small isn’t always a bad thing!

The last con is the price; it is priced a little on the high side for a pocket diaper in my opinion. However, if you could get by with using these on your newborn, they are well worth the price because it would save you a ton on a newborn stash! Even though they run small on my two-year-old, they are definitely still able to be worn for a while longer.


The overall quality of Rumparooz diapers is awesome. The elastic looks amazing, it’s so soft, and it definitely is sewn with good craftsmanship to hold up a long time.

The only reason that I might not purchase more has to do with the fit. The diaper is made well, but it does not seem to be the best fit on an older toddler, at least not one with my son’s body shape.

Overall Recommendation

I recommend the Rumparooz pockets for those that want a pocket diaper with double gussets. If that’s what you’re looking for, Rumparooz is an awesome choice!

The Rumparooz Pocket Diaper would be an awesome diaper for a young baby, or even up to a year and a half. After that, I’m guessing it might start to fit a bit tight on most kids. Or maybe just my chunker. 🙂

If you have a toddler and are looking to add a few more diapers to your stash, I probably wouldn’t recommend the Rumparooz pockets. They just seem a little too tight and even bulky on my big guy.

If your child is a toddler, you’re also possibly going to potty train relatively soon. Because of that, I would focus on more economical brands to add to your stash since you may not get as many months/years of use out of them. I find that bumGenius pocket shells fit bigger babies and older toddlers well.

You can get the Rumparooz pocket diapers at Nicki’s Closet by clicking that link.

What do you think of the Rumparooz pockets? Have you tried them before? Do you think you might pick up a few of them? Let me know in the comments!