One of the best features of cloth diapers is how CUTE they are!

If there is one thing we do at the holidays, it’s taking pictures of our kids. We love getting kids dressed up in Christmas jammies or adorable sweaters, but what about your cloth diapers? Have you thought about making them festive?

Sometimes it can be hard to get ahold of festive diapers. A lot of times they are limited edition, and many of them are retired prints.

Here are some holiday cloth diaper prints available now in 2019. These prints will make for some festive photoshoots this holiday season. Which is your favorite?

Best Bottom Diapers “Check Me Out”


The Best Bottom Diapers “Check Me Out” buffalo plaid heavy wetter All-in-One is perfect for the holidays. It would be a great choice for older babies or toddlers with the extra absorbency it boasts.

Even though this diaper is for heavy wetters, it is made with bamboo viscose, so it is still relatively trim. It has double gussets for extra protection against leaks, plus the inserts can be unsnapped for faster drying.

Bonus is that it is more “wintery” than holiday focused, so you can get a full season of use out of it!

Check out my review on the Best Bottoms brand here.

Alva Baby Christmas Pocket Designs

Alva Baby has several Christmas designs available on Amazon. Pictured here is my favorite. <3 It’s adorable!

All of the holiday prints have some traditional Christmas flare, from Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, and penguins. Check them out! These are relatively affordable options if you want some festive diapers.

Check out my review on Alva Baby pockets here.

Nora’s Nursery Buffalo Plaid Diaper Set

Here is a set of 7 diapers for a great price! Several different classy holiday designs by Nora’s Nursery available on Amazon.

I’m obsessed with the plaid moose diaper!

Along with 7 diapers, you also get a wet bag. This is an awesome deal for those of you that would love to have a holiday diaper collection without breaking the bank.

Nora’s Nursery diapers get rave reviews–don’t let the price fool you.

Happy Endings Buffalo Plaid Cover

If you’re looking for a classic red plaid diaper without buying a whole set, an affordable option is the Happy Endings Buffalo Plaid cover on Amazon.

You can purchase snap-in inserts for this diaper cover to use as an all-in-two system. That means this cover could be worn multiple times before needing to be washed, giving you more bang for your buck!

It would be a great pic to get you through your holiday family photoshoot.

Softbums Winter Morning Ai2 Shell


If you love Softbums diapers, you’ll love this Winter Morning shell!

They also happen to be on sale at Nicki’s Diapers right now.

Classic red and blue with a snowflake design, this diaper looks very cute during the holidays.

This diaper is available in the Omni or the Echo. The Omni can be an all-in-two, a cover, or a pocket. The Echo is also an all-in-two, but it has awesome adjustable leg gussets to get the perfect fit.

My first baby had chicken legs–this would have been so helpful!

Splurge On Some Holiday Diapers

One of my favorite photoshoots I ever did with my first child was in his festive red cloth diaper at Christmas time. We got adorable photos we were able to use on our family Christmas card. These pictures are some of my favorites to look back on.

I don’t think you need to go overboard on holiday diapers by any means, but having one in your collection can be a lot of fun. Most of us love to dress our kids special for the holidays.

Which holiday cloth diaper print do you love the most? Let me know in the comments!