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With Earth Day on the horizon, there is no better time to show off your cloth diaper stash to friends and family. Earth Day is the one day out of the year when the average person is a little more open to eco-friendly ideas and practices.

Growing up, I remember going on a walk during school with my class on Earth Day to pick up garbage around the school grounds, and as we got older we picked up trash along the roads. This is a tradition I kept with my 5th and 6th grade elementary classes when I became a teacher, though I quickly found out not all parents were as supportive of this idea as I thought they would be due to concerns about encountering germs or dangerous substances while on these walks.

Nevertheless, the kids loved doing it. Not only did they love getting to be outside in the spring after a long Minnesota winter, they really believed they were making a difference. It is so heart-warming to see kids get excited about being helpers because many adults have lost that quality. And we never once came across dangerous substances. 😉

Now as a middle school teacher, I don’t get the opportunity to do this anymore. But there is still something about Earth Day that has me wanting to celebrate in some way shape or form. My cloth diapers are a great way to do this!

Earth Day is a great time to showcase your cloth diapers. If you have found yourself wanting to celebrate it festively, here are some of my favorite prints related to Earth Day.

Earth Eco Cloth Diaper from Etsy

etsy earth day cloth diaper

This pocket diaper made by a WAHM is a wonderful choice for Earth Day. This shop has 5 stars and many happy customers.

I love the delicate design and the color scheme of this diaper. It definitely says “spring” to me–beautiful, earthy colors and leaves all over.

This diaper has an outer layer of PUL & a microfleece material on the inside.

In general, Etsy is a great place to shop for unique & beautiful earthy prints. Most quality Etsy stores are run by people who handmake their diapers with the finest quality.

If you would like to see more options Etsy offers, see them here.

Thirsties Animalia Series

The Thirsties Animalia series is perfect for the nature-loving family.

These beautiful, classic prints aren’t cheesy at all. These prints are available in whatever your favorite style of Thirsties diaper is, but for Earth Day especially I recommend the Natural AiO.

It is a one-size all-in-one made from organic cotton and is a fabulous diaper. It has 11 layers for absorbency which makes it much more absorbent than many other natural-fiber diapers.

You can get the full set at Amazon by clicking here.

If you wish to order single diapers from the set, click here to take a look at Nicki’s Diapers to see if they have the individual print you wish to get.

In addition to the Animalia series, I am absolutely earth-day-diaper-print-oceaniaobsessed with the Oceania print that is exclusive to Nicki’s Diapers. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

This diaper print features beautiful green foliage and a number of animals native to Oceania, including kangaroos, platypuses, and dingoes. My oldest child has a kangaroo obsession, so naturally we love this print!

You can get it at Nicki’s Diapers by clicking here.

Imagine Baby OS Bamboo AiO in Happy Floral


Purchasing a bamboo diaper is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, and what’s happier and more spring-like than a beautiful floral print? I love this Imagine Baby one-size bamboo AiO in Happy Floral.

If you aren’t interested in a bamboo all-in-one, this print comes in other diaper styles, too, such as the stay-dry aio, an all-in-two diaper shell, a pocket shell, and XL pocket shell, a bib, wet bag, and swaddling blanket. Imagine products are very economically priced, too. Check them out at Nicki’s Diapers.

Mama Koala Fly to the Nature Set

Mama Koala is an excellent brand for those on a budget. You can get a set of these pockets on Amazon for a very reasonable price. Check out my Mama Koala review for more info on this brand here: Mama Koala Diapers

Mama Koala diapers are pockets, so they are quite versatile. Pockets are an excellent choice for families that need to customize absorbency. Learn more about pockets here: Pocket Cloth Diapers – Pros & Cons

I am so in love with this set. It embodies everything magical about childhood bug catching and butterfly chasing. I especially love the bee diaper–so adorable! This set is perfect for the outdoorsy family.

Every Day Is Earth Day AiO from the Fluffy Penguin


The Fluffy Penguin is a small diaper company that sells economical diapers. They have a special “Every Day Is Earth Day” print that is such a great message!

This all-in-one has 5 layers of bamboo sewn in WHICH I LOVE. It truly goes on more like a disposable diaper when the absorbency layers are all attached. There is a pocket opening at the back of the diaper to add more absorbency if needed.

These diapers come at a great price, so it’s worth trying them out.

Cloth Diapers & Earth Day

Cloth diapers and Earth Day go hand in hand. Do you have a special diaper you want to showcase that day? If not, do you and your family do anything that day to teach your children about being good stewards of the Earth? Let me know in the comments!