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Wet bags are an important cloth diaper accessory–especially if you ever plan on leaving the house! Wet bags hold your wet and soiled diapers in a bag designed to keep the moisture from wicking out of it. You will need wet bags for running errands, going on trips, and for daycare if your child goes to one and they accept cloth diapers. Having good quality wet bags will make cloth diapering on-the-go much easier.

What Makes a Good Wet Bag?

There are many features I look for when evaluating the quality of a wet bag. First of all, it has to be made from a waterproof material. You do not want everything in your diaper bag to soak up the liquid from soggy diapers or clothing that the wet bag was supposed to contain.

Next, I look for ease of use. I don’t want to have to be messing with stuck zippers or extra layers when I’m holding a poopy diaper!

The last thing I look for is the price. I want to pay a price relative to the quality and the product. I do not want to be paying lots of money for something that is just supposed to hold dirty diapers. Since most wet bags are just made from PUL and have no absorbent materials, I want to make sure that it is reflected in the price.

After trying many kinds of wet bags, here are my top 3 personal favorites based on their quality and affordability.

Third Choice: Alvababy Wet Bags

alva-wet-bagAlvababy (aka Alva) makes a great wet bag option for those that want to spend as little as possible on their stash. You can get these wet bags in a two-pack on Amazon. This wet bag has two zippered pockets you can use–you can keep dry clothes or diapers in one pocket and the soiled diapers in the other. I prefer to keep soiled and clean diapers completely separate, so I do not use the second pocket for clean diapers. However, some people love this feature and use it all the time! If I do use the second pocket, it is usually for a spot to keep wipes.

Alva wet bags have a loop near the zipper for easy hanging. They hold 5-7 diapers, so they are technically a bit smaller than the other wet bags in this list, but they don’t feel that way! These wet bags work just fine for errands or when you’re going to be out of the house just a short while. They may also be enough for daycare, it just depends on how many times your baby is changed and how long you are at work for.

These wet bags also have a practical purpose outside of cloth diapering–I use these to also store dirty rags and dishtowels in while I’m cleaning. I keep these wet or soiled cleaning/kitchen items in the wet bag all day and then bring the wet bag upstairs to our main laundry baskets in the evening. It saves me from having to run up and down the stairs all day!


Second Choice: Planet Wise Wet Bags

planet-wise-wet-bagsPlanet Wise makes both pail liners and wet bags. They are my favorite choice for pail liners, but my second choice for wet bags…UNLESS you need a large bag! Planet Wise Wet Bags are my favorite choice for large-sized wet bags. The large holds about 16 cloth diapers. They have a small and medium-size as well, but I find the large much more practical in the long run.

The Planet Wise wet bags have an inner bag made from PUL and an outer shell made from canvas material. These are great for keeping the wetness contained. The inner layer is stain resistant, and its seams are sewn in a way so that they aren’t visible, which is helpful to keep any liquid from seeping out.

This particular brand also does a better job containing odors. I find the smell of my dirty diapers are much less noticeable when I use this bag over some of my other brands. They also have a convenient strap by the zipper that can snap into a loop as an easy way to hang it up, or it can be used for folding and wrapping around the wet bag to keep it contained.

One of the best things about these large size bags is how practical they are even when you are done cloth diapering. I can bring it to the pool with us and fit the whole family’s swimsuits in it when we are done swimming. That is awesome for keeping the rest of our pool bag dry and avoiding the use of excess plastic bags.

planet-wise-inner-layerThe reason that it receives the number 2 spot is that the inner bag will come out in the wash (I’m sure it’s an intentional design to help with drying time) and it can be kind of annoying to stuff back in. However, it takes all of 5 seconds to do that, and this wet bag does exactly what I need it to do, plus it’s one of the very few quality brands I can find in a large size, so I still love it!

This inner waterproof layer also seems to be a little thicker than the PUL on other wet bags, which is a big plus for waterproofing and holding in odors. It is one of the “sturdier” feeling wet bags out there.

First Choice: Thirsties Wet Bags

thirsties-wet-bagThirsties wet bags earn my number one spot!

Thirsties Wet Bags are a medium size bag, holding about 8 cloth diapers and their inserts. I love these because they have a wider design than other medium-sized wet bags, making them easier to shove soiled diapers into when you’re trying to avoid a mess.

These wet bags are made from a waterproof material, and the inner seams are taped to prevent moisture from wicking through them. These bags are 100{9994046f29331ee04cc0b5e07eb28364315ea03ccc2f01b5a43e8b85b372d1e9} polyester with waterproof TPU, which means they rinse and wipe clean extremely easily.

They wash easily in the wash, and there is no separate inner layer that I need to tuck back in. All around, I find these the easiest to use.

Thirsties’ prints are adorable, too! They have so many to choose from, and most of them are available on many products, including their diapers and their wet bags. Thirsties also has a strap by the zipper, much like Planet Wise. This strap can be used as a way to hang it, or it can be used as a way to secure the wet bag once you have rolled it up.

Thirsties wet bags take up less space than other wet bags I’ve tried, which is another reason why it is my favorite. I can easily throw it in the diaper bag or my purse and it takes up hardly any space at all.

The zipper on Thirsties is also my favorite zipper out of the wet bags I own. It is solid, high-quality, and has never gotten stuck on me. I can’t say that about all of my wet bags!

Take Your Pick!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these wet bag choices! If price is your deciding factor, go with the Alvababy wet bags. If you would prefer a larger wet bag for overnight trips, or whole family usage at places like the beach, you can’t beat the Planet Wise large size wet bags. Lastly, if you just want medium-sized, easy-to-use wet bag made from high quality materials at a reasonable price, and a wide variety of prints to choose from, pick the Thirsties wet bags!

Which one do you think sounds right for your family? Do you have a favorite wet bag that I didn’t review? Let me know in the comments!