If you have been following my Cloth Diaper 101 series, you now know everything you need to know to get started! However, sometimes people wonder about various cloth diaper accessories.

Is there anything else that is needed or would be handy to have? Let’s dive into some of the most popular diaper accessories so you can make more informed decisions about your diaper stash.

Cloth Wipes

Along with cloth diapers comes cloth wipes. Whether or not you want to use cloth or disposable wipes is up to you. Some people feel if they’re going to wash poopy diapers, why not throw some wipes in there?

Others are intimidated by them.cloth-wipes Cloth wipes may be an extra step, but they often clean better than disposable wipes. They aren’t too expensive to buy, and many people also make their own by cutting flannel and hemming the edges.

Some people just use baby washcloths!

You can store cloth wipes in a homemade solution inside a wipes container or wipes warmer. Alternatively, you can store them dry and spray them when you need it.

Diaper Liners

Diaper liners are a liner that you can lay on the top of the diaper (between the diaper and the baby) to make poop removal easier. They can be disposable or cloth.

There are special liners you can purchase made specifically for this purpose. But some people use a paper towel, and others just cut up rectangles of fleece and use that.

This is definitely an optional item. Many people feel that liners were their saving grace for cloth diapering because they were squeamish about the poop.

If you are interested in cloth diapering but the poop fear is holding you back, you might find this to be a handy item.

Wet Bags and Pail Liners

wetbagWet bags are used to store wet and soiled diapers in between washings. You can get small wet bags for on-the-go use (holds 3-4 diapers) and large wet bags for holding much more.

Pail liners are essentially large wet bags with elastic at the opening rather than a zipper. They go inside a diaper pail like a garbage bag would.

I believe wet bags are essential if you are going to cloth diaper. You can get by without pail liners if you choose to use wet bags for all dirty diaper storage, but I find that pail liners are very handy for home use. I just use a cheap garbage can as my diaper pail.

Wet bags and pail liners can be thrown right into the wash with your diapers. If you would like more information, I discussed wet bags and pail liners in-depth in this post.

Dryer Balls

As I discussed in my last post, you do not want to use fabric softener on your diapers. Fabric softener will negatively impact the absorbency of your diapers. If you are a fabric softener lover, this may be hard for you.

Enter dryer balls!

Dryer balls can be made of wool or synthetic materials, but their purpose is to reduce static, soften clothes, and reduce drying time. They are great for all loads of laundry, not just diapers!

Diaper Sprayer

cloth-diaper-spray-shieldIf you didn’t really like the idea of buying diaper liners but are still squeamish about poop, a diaper sprayer may right for you. They can be a lifesaver when it comes to poop removal!

You can purchase a diaper sprayer, such as a Spray Pal, or if you are somewhat handy you can make your own with parts from the hardware store. You hook up the diaper sprayer to the water supply for your toilet and you can use the nozzle to spray off the poop from the diaper.

A diaper sprayer is best paired with a shield to prevent the poopy water backsplash from getting all over your bathroom. A shield can be purchased or homemade.

If you want to know more about diaper sprayers, see this post.

Pail Fresheners/Odor Removers

There are odor remover products available for your cloth diapers. This may be something to consider if you are very worried about scents.

However, I would say this product isn’t necessary. Dirty diapers aren’t going to smell like roses, but the smell shouldn’t fill the whole room. If a deodorizer does become necessary, I would suggest you look at your wash routine to see if you possibly aren’t getting your diapers clean enough.

If your diapers are getting thoroughly clean with each wash, they should not stink up the whole room, even when dirty and sitting in your diaper pail. Here are some options to consider if your diaper pail is stinking up the whole room:

  1. Wash more often. Going too long between washes will stain your diapers and cause mold/mildew to grow. Wash every 2-4 days to prevent that. Waiting too long to wash your diapers could definitely cause stink issues, not only in the room but also after your diapers have been washed. The longer they sit around soiled, the more potential there is for issues.
  2. Evaluate your wash routine. Make sure you are using enough detergent, rinsing enough, and allowing for your diapers to get completely clean.

If you do these things, there should be no need for odor eliminators.

Do I Really Need All of This?

In a word…no. There is no doubt that there is an investment with cloth diapering. While you will almost certainly save money going this route, there is a bigger upfront cost.

As with anything in life, we often think we NEED things that are actually wants. You can definitely be a minimalist with cloth diapering, and you can also be an “I NEED IT ALL” cloth diaper-er. It’s up to you. Most of us find we like to have some extras here and there, but we don’t need everything.

As for me personally, I like cloth wipes, wet bags, and pail liners. I have dryer balls, but I don’t typically use them for diaper laundry. It’s all personal preference!

What are some of the diaper must-haves for your family? Share in the comments below!