Minimalist Cloth Diapering – Sticking To The Essentials

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There are many motivations for cloth diapering, and none of them are better or worse than any other motivation. One reason some of us choose to cloth diaper (including myself) is that we generally try to live in a way that is less wasteful. It doesn't mean we are perfect or zero waste; it just means we are doing what we feel capable of at that moment. Cloth diapering felt like a doable thing for our family, so I was willing to give it a try to make a difference in this area. When I say that being less [...]

Getting Started With Cloth Diapers – What To Expect As A Beginner

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Most families probably researched and considered using cloth diapers for months before they actually started using them, whether that be because they were pregnant when making the decision, or because they were currently using disposables and not sure when/if they wanted to make the switch. Sometimes, all the planning and research can be a lot of fun, and you feel very prepared...until it's time to get started! Then all of a sudden you're second-guessing if you know how to do this, if you can actually keep on top of the laundry, if you can even get them clean at [...]

Tips for Using Cloth Diapers – Getting Started with Cloth

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There is so much conflicting information floating around about cloth diapers out there that it can completely overwhelm people that look into using cloth. Some info makes cloth diapers (CDs) out to seem like a huge hassle. Using CDs isn't difficult or hard, but there are a few things you can do to get yourself started on the right foot to help make sure you avoid problems. These tips for using cloth diapers will help you avoid some of the most common issues surrounding CDs. 1. Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket It may be really tempting [...]

Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions -A How-To Video for Old-School Agitator Washers

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I happen to be part of a lot of Facebook groups regarding cloth diapers, and one thing I come across often is beginners becoming overwhelmed by the cloth diaper wash routine. To me, it seems so simple and sometimes I don't see what is confusing about it, but then I remember that I was exactly the same way when I first started. Cloth diaper washing instructions don't have to be difficult. Sometimes, seeing a routine on video can really help you wrap your head around it. For the most part, we don't usually put a lot of thought into [...]

Cloth Diapering with a Newborn – Successful Options for Your Family

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I have been very blessed that cloth diapering has been pretty easy for me almost the whole time I have been doing it. The one exception was this: the newborn days! In hindsight, I recognize a lot of my mistakes and I'm going to share them here with you to help you avoid making the same ones. I will be sharing some options that have proven successful for cloth diapering with a newborn, and in addition to that I'll also let you know about what to avoid during the newborn days to save your sanity. If you're interested in [...]

Cloth Diaper Abbreviations – What Do They All Mean?

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Does the woman pictured above look like you when you are trying to understand a cloth diaper article or forum? AiOs, CDs, WAHM, may see these random letter clusters all over in the cloth diaper community. I promise you that cloth diapering really isn't technical or hard to learn, so don't let some of the lingo throw you off. In this post, we will go into some of the most common cloth diaper abbreviations and frequently used terms to explain their meanings. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion and leave you less overwhelmed. Before you know it, [...]

Cloth Diapering on a Budget – Can Cloth Diapering be Done for Cheap?

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Cloth diapering on a budget can definitely be done if you follow the right strategy! Some people that may be interested in cloth diapers may not end up going through with it because of how expensive an investment it is upfront. Even though it costs more in the long run, disposables may be more realistic for them because they can spread the cost out. When you go to some cloth diaper retailer websites and start to explore and see that some diapers cost as much to $30-$50 apiece, that can be very disheartening if you are on a budget. [...]

Cloth Diaper Accessories – Do I Need Anything Else?

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If you have been following my Cloth Diaper 101 series, you now know everything you need to know to get started! However, sometimes people wonder about various cloth diaper accessories. Is there anything else that is needed or would be handy to have? Let's dive into some of the most popular diaper accessories so you can make more informed decisions about your diaper stash. Cloth Wipes Along with cloth diapers comes cloth wipes. Whether or not you want to use cloth or disposable wipes is up to you. Some people feel if they're going to wash poopy diapers, why [...]

Cleaning Cloth Diapers at Home Part 2 – Washing Instructions

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Now that we know what to do with the poop on the diapers, we are ready to look at the actual washing routine! Washing instructions for cleaning cloth diapers are not as different from washing clothes as you might think. Diapers are just soiled laundry! There are a few things you will want to consider when washing your diapers. Type of Water Sometimes when people have issues with diaper washing, it's because their water is far too hard. Some people think the answer to this is having soft water, but soft water can cause a host of issues on [...]

Cleaning Cloth Diapers at Home – What Do I Do with the Poop?

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Cleaning cloth diapers at home is probably the part about cloth that intimidates people the most and scares them off from trying it. I hope today I can help alleviate any concerns about this for those of you that are held back by the thought of washing and dealing with soiled diapers. Cleaning cloth diapers at home is certainly doable. You do not need a diaper service! While washing diapers is not complicated, it might take a couple of posts to fully explain the process for people who are nervous about it. This is part three in a Cloth [...]

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