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I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, one of the first baby items I looked at was clothing at Buy Buy Baby. It is so surreal to look at these adorable baby clothes and imagine that something this small could actually fit on someone!

While there are a ton of cute outfits out there, it can sometimes be hard to find some without goofy or cheesy sayings on them, especially for timeless things like photos. Sometimes you just don’t want logos plastered all over your kid, and other times you know you want to save timeless clothes to hand down to another baby. Primary Kids clothes are created with these desires in mind.

Primary is a clothing company started by two moms that struggled to find a good place to get basic clothing! That sounds silly when you think about how baby clothes are sold so many places, but how many times can you walk into a store and find a plain red tee for your child, solid black leggings, or even just a white t-shirt?

It’s surprisingly more difficult than it seems to find a shirt without Mickey Mouse on it or little sayings like “Daddy’s #1 Fan!” While there is nothing wrong with fun little clothes like that, you have to admit they’re not appropriate for all situations., especially when it comes to family portraits!

Why Did I Try Primary?

I had heard some mom friends talking about Primary kids’ clothes and being absolutely obsessed with the clothes. I don’t think I have ever felt absolutely obsessed with kids clothes before…maybe that’s because I have boys, and if you have ever shopped anywhere for boys’ clothes, you know what I mean when I say that the girls’ section is always 10x cuter and 15x more variety than the boys’ section.

Anyway, these mom friends explained the concept to me and I realized I needed to check this site out ASAP. Primary actually doesn’t have girls clothes and boys clothes–they just have clothes (though obviously certain things will appeal more to girls or boys depending). That means I can get an adorable green tee for my son without finding surprise sequins hidden somewhere. These clothes are quality BASICS! For both genders!

My oldest son needed some new shorts, and usually, I just head to Target for some Cat & Jack clothes, but I had heard great things about the quality of Primary and the pricing isn’t all that far off. I decided I was going to give Primary a try.

Primary’s Offerings


Primary does have a ton of adorable baby clothing, from short & long sleeved onesies to rash guards and swim diapers, pajamas, rompers, sweaters & cardigans, and much more. They come in a wide variety of solid colors and stripes. I discovered Primary too little too late to take advantage of their baby clothes, so I have more experience with the kids’ sizes.

As you can see above, Primary sells polos, tees, stretchy chino shorts, a few different dress styles, rash guards and swim trunks, capris, leggings, PJs, gym shorts, and more. The photo above displays best sellers, but they have all kinds of clothing to meet your needs.

I stuck to shorts since that was what I was in the market for. But I am definitely going to be getting my kids some other items here!

I love that none of the clothing is marked for a specific gender. Theoretically, this gives me more options. It is obvious that certain cuts of tanks or shorts are more feminine than others. That may not be a problem for you at all, but for others, you might find it hard to have to discern between each piece of clothing to see if it fits your child’s style or not.

Sizing, Pricing & Quality

My oldest son is 5 years old, but he is on the smaller side. For reference, he fits into 4T pants from Old Navy and Cat & Jack. The sizing varied a bit depending on the short, but I ordered two size 4 and two size 4-5. It was a good choice. These shorts fit him loosely, but comfortably without him having to hike them up (he is so used to having to do that, poor guy!)

Price-wise, Primary is priced almost identically to Target and Old Navy clothing when it comes to shirts and tees. You definitely know you’re not overpaying for these clothes. However, shorts and pants tend to be a little more expensive at Primary, but I feel the quality of Primary is higher than that of Old Navy or Target. The fabric is nice and thick and the buttons are sturdy. Everything Primary sells is under $25. The price may be higher on some things, you’re never paying outrageous prices.

They also have some great clearance items at awesome prices!

Primary’s clothing is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, meaning that the clothing has a skin-friendly pH level and has been tested for harmful chemicals. Clothing with this certification is healthier for people and the environment.

My Experience With Primary


Immediately I loved the vibrant colors of the shorts I ordered for my son. I was so happy to see the sizing wasn’t too weird and he was able to wear all the shorts. They are loose enough I am sure he can wear them next summer, too!

I especially loved the yellow chino short. They had a luxurious feel to them–very soft and lots of flexibility for him to be running around and active.

The quality of these clothes is awesome. Some knit shorts faded¬†slightly in the wash, but that was my only issue.¬†Just very slightly. In fact, it’s so slight that when I tried to photograph it, you couldn’t tell in the pic. So maybe it’s just in my head.

I will admit that I don’t even read washing instructions, so it could be how I washed them. It is the same kind of fading that I’ve had from almost any other brand. Nothing out of the ordinary from what I’ve experienced from other stores. But just a good thing to be aware of. The fading is very minor and not something that would stop me from buying from them in the future.primary-kids-clothes

Need Some Basics? Check out Primary!

Primary kids’ clothes are great quality basics and timeless outfits perfect for kids. It is an awesome store to stock up on some basic solid colors or stripes. If you want quality, classic clothing without having to pay ridiculous prices, Primary is a great site to check out.

The next thing I plan to purchase from Primary is some new PJs for both of my sons. They are in desperate need of better fitting jammies!

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Have you tried Primary? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!