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Stocking traditions vary a lot from family to family. I know many people that only put oranges in their stockings due to the St. Nicholas legend of gifting gold balls in stockings (that later turned into oranges). Other people will put high-quality items or electronics–these gifts don’t differ much from what is under the tree; they are just what are physically the smallest. On the other hand, some people use stockings to dish out practical gifts, like new toothbrushes or socks.

Regardless of what our stocking traditions are, it can be difficult to think of stocking stuffers for babies. After all, they don’t eat oranges or play with electronics.

I don’t like to buy things that will just end up cluttering my house, so while I can get a lot of cheap little trinkets at the Dollar Store, I want to make sure the items are practical, consumable, or both. Otherwise, my sons may play with them for a day and then forget about them, leaving me to figure out what I’m supposed to do with it.

Babies are even trickier to shop for. They don’t have strong interests yet that you can play off of. How do you know what to get them? To help get you started, here is a collection of ideas for ages 0 to 12 months to help you plan out your baby’s stocking this Christmas.

1. O Balls

Both of my kids loved O Balls. They were one of the first toys they really took interest in playing with. They make a lot of cool variations of O Balls nowadays, too!

There are O Ball race cars:

O Ball Footballs:

Even an O Ball Truck & Trailer Set!

2. Baby Snacks and Pouches

Gerber makes a wide variety of baby snacks and pouches. Lil Crunchies are a popular treat! You can also look into the Gerber Puffs or yogurt pouches.

Since it is Christmas, maybe even consider a special treat, like these arrowroot cookies:

3. Little Board Books

There are so many board books to choose from, and you really can’t go wrong! Here are some fun options if you’re looking for something unique:

Little Scientist Board Book Set (You could put one or two in the stocking and the rest under the tree, or as a gift to another baby in your family!)

Are You My Mother? This is a classic story that is just as much fun to read to your kids nowadays as it was to listen to the story being read to you when you were a kid.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Any of Eric Carle’s stories are a great choice. They have beautiful illustrations, and babies love the repetitive nature of the stories.

4. Lovies

There are so many great lovies out there, and many of them are multi-purpose. Take a look at Mortimer the Moose. He is a teether, a little stuffed animal a baby can cuddle, and he has many sensory features, like squeakers.

If you’re not into moose lovies, maybe you’d prefer Stretch the Giraffe.

5. Textured Balls, Blocks. & Stacking Cups

Textured balls can be very fun and educational for babies! (As my kids have grown, we have also used these textured balls as fidgets at home, and I’d take some to my classroom at school, too! My students love them).

Blocks can also be a fun toy to try to squeeze into the stocking. You can get them started early on STEM activities! 😉

Stacking cups are a great toy for a stocking because they’re so compact.

6. Character T-Shirt or Onesie

I usually put one t-shirt/onesie in each of my kids’ stockings every year. I choose a shirt with one of their favorite characters because it gives them so much joy. Even a baby will crack a smile when they see a shirt with Mickey or their favorite animal just for them!

Here is an adorable Mickey sleeper onesie.

Or maybe Sesame Street is more up your baby’s alley.


7. Bath Toys

Bath toys are a great idea for a stocking, too. Here is a fun fishing set:

These bath bobbers are another fun toy for a little one.

8. Sippy Cups

I put a sippy cup or water bottle in my kids’ stockings every year. This year in an effort to avoid as much plastic as possible, they are getting stainless steel Munchkin 360 cups.

They are also getting Klean Kanteen bottles. Here is an awesome bottle from Klean Kanteen for a baby:

9. Teething Necklace

You can also get your baby an amber teething necklace. I’ve personally never tried one of these, but I know many people swear by them. If you’ve been wanting to try one, a stocking gift is a good excuse to pick one up.

10. Toiletries

While babies may have fewer toiletries than others, there are still many that they use!

You could put in a toothbrush, a tube of diaper cream, some Zarbee’s Baby Rub as a comfort measure when baby is under the weather (if you go with the Vick’s brand, make sure it is the Baby Rub and not the regular Vick’s, which is not safe for kids under 2).

You might also consider the Nose Frida if you do not have one of these. It seems gross, and some may think it’s unnecessary…but if you have ever tried to get a baby who doesn’t understand you to blow their nose, you will know how handy this device is!

Stocking Gifts Don’t Need To Be Difficult

I try not to overthink stocking gifts, but they’re always so much fun to put together for my family, as well as receive for myself. I love to see what sorts of little trinkets my husband picked out for me, and I love to come up with inexpensive, but appreciated items for my kids.

What are you going to put in your baby’s stocking this year? Let me know in the comments!