Cloth Diapers Leaking? Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

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Are your cloth diapers leaking? Leaking is one of the most common issues with cloth. In general, cloth diapers do not leak. If someone tells you, "That's just what cloth does!" or "That's why I use disposables!" they are incorrect. Good quality cloth diapers that are taken care of should not have any issues with leaking. However, it does happen from time to time when certain problems arise. If you are dealing with leaking diapers, consider the following to fix your issues. Why Are My Cloth Diapers Leaking? 1st: Check the Fit Cloth diapers should be snug on your [...]

Grovia Mighty Bubbles Review – Deep Cleaning Your Diapers

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This Grovia Mighty Bubble review contains affiliate links for things that help with deep cleaning your diapers, which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase after clicking one of my links. All opinions are my own. I first heard about Grovia Mighty Bubbles a few years ago, but I never really had an opportunity to use them. I have been pretty lucky to have minimal issues with getting my diapers clean over the years...that is, until I moved into my new house. My old house, the house in which I began [...]

Cloth Diaper Care Instructions – How To Make Them Last For Years

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One of the perks of cloth diapers is that you can use them over and over again, saving lots of money and lessening the amount of waste you generate in the process. Another perk is that ideally, you can use your cloth diapers for multiple children, compounding the savings! However, it is important to emphasize that cloth diapers are NOT indestructible. They are just as prone to wear and tear as any piece of clothing. In fact, they're probably prone to MORE wear and tear. Think about this: Most people have enough cloth diapers for 2-3 day washing. That [...]

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