The Best Cloth Diaper Stash For Under $250!

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This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking my links. A brand new stash of cloth diapers can be a costly investment upfront, especially if you're not super well-informed about all of the different styles, brands, and other options out there. Many people spend anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more to build their stash, but you can do it much cheaper and still get good quality items. Here is a stash of 30 diapers plus accessories for less than $250! If [...]

Saving Money With A Baby – Do Kids Have To Make You Broke?

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For many first time parents, saving money with a baby is something that may be weighing heavily on their minds. According to the USDA, raising a baby costs $12,000 the first year of life, and $12,500+ for each year after that. That is a LOT of money, especially for young couples that may not be fully established in their careers yet. If that is you, just know that saving money with a baby is possible. It involves doing things differently sometimes, but it also means simplifying many things, too. If you are both working parents and plan to send [...]

BumGenius Diapers – My Trick for Getting a Discount

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BumGenius is a very popular brand of cloth diaper. They have a few styles to choose from-- a hybrid system called Flips, a pocket style called the 5.0, and two types of all-in-one: Freetimes and Elementals. They also have newborn sized all-in-ones called Littles 2.0. Almost everyone that chooses to purchase BumGenius diapers is very happy with them. BumGenius has a reputation among people new to cloth diapering of being a little expensive. However, when you compare their prices to other brands of similar styled diapers, they are actually one of the more economical brands (unless you choose a [...]

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