Pros of Cloth Diapers – How Cloth Diapers Make Life Better

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Sometimes it's way too easy to focus on the cons of any particular thing instead of thinking about its potential. There are so many pros to cloth diapers that having to do an extra load of laundry or scrape poop (assuming those are your cons) really isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Check out this video to hear my top 5 pros of cloth diapers! Video Recap In this video, I talked about my top 5 reasons for choosing cloth diapers. 1. Saves money! Photo credit to When I got pregnant [...]

Is Cloth Diapering Worth It? – Deciding if Cloth Diapering is Right for You

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Is cloth diapering is worth it, or is it just a weird trend? Many people believe cloth diapering is old-fashioned, a lot of work, or just plain crazy. With disposables being the more mainstream way to diaper a child, most people do not even consider using cloth. However, cloth diapering is starting to gain traction again in recent years, and most people know of at least one person who has tried it. This post will help shed some light on different areas related to cloth diapers to help you decide if this is a wise move for your family. [...]

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