The Best Way To Clean Fruits And Vegetables – Staying Healthy With Increasing E. Coli Concerns

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We are seeing more and more in the news about rising E.Coli outbreaks, especially among romaine lettuce. Eating leafy greens is important for our health, but many people are becoming wary because sometimes it feels the risk isn't worth it. Combine the outbreaks with news of the FDA doing limited food inspections during the government shut down (which has thankfully been resolved for now), and people have the right to be concerned. Is it best to avoid eating raw vegetables, especially leafy greens like romaine? Or can we do something to protect ourselves from potentially deadly pathogens on our [...]

Cloth Diapering Vs Disposable Diapers – Let’s Look At The Facts

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In this day and age, it seems like almost any parenting decision is controversial. I also believe our culture is getting more and more sensitive, meaning that if people share a decision they have made and why they chose to do it, other people take it personally as a judgment against those who do something different. At Rocking the Cloth, I want to empower you to make informed decisions. I pride myself on delivering facts and sharing both sides of the diaper debate. There are some convincing reasons to choose disposables, though as you can probably tell from this [...]

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