Cleaning Cloth Diapers at Home Part 2 – Washing Instructions

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Now that we know what to do with the poop on the diapers, we are ready to look at the actual washing routine! Washing instructions for cleaning cloth diapers are not as different from washing clothes as you might think. Diapers are just soiled laundry! There are a few things you will want to consider when washing your diapers. Type of Water Sometimes when people have issues with diaper washing, it's because their water is far too hard. Some people think the answer to this is having soft water, but soft water can cause a host of issues on [...]

Cleaning Cloth Diapers at Home – What Do I Do with the Poop?

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Cleaning cloth diapers at home is probably the part about cloth that intimidates people the most and scares them off from trying it. I hope today I can help alleviate any concerns about this for those of you that are held back by the thought of washing and dealing with soiled diapers. Cleaning cloth diapers at home is certainly doable. You do not need a diaper service! While washing diapers is not complicated, it might take a couple of posts to fully explain the process for people who are nervous about it. This is part three in a Cloth [...]

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