BumGenius Diapers – My Trick for Getting a Discount

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BumGenius is a very popular brand of cloth diaper. They have a few styles to choose from-- a hybrid system called Flips, a pocket style called the 5.0, and two types of all-in-one: Freetimes and Elementals. They also have newborn sized all-in-ones called Littles 2.0. Almost everyone that chooses to purchase BumGenius diapers is very happy with them. BumGenius has a reputation among people new to cloth diapering of being a little expensive. However, when you compare their prices to other brands of similar styled diapers, they are actually one of the more economical brands (unless you choose a [...]

Cloth Diapering on a Budget – Can Cloth Diapering be Done for Cheap?

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Cloth diapering on a budget can definitely be done if you follow the right strategy! Some people that may be interested in cloth diapers may not end up going through with it because of how expensive an investment it is upfront. Even though it costs more in the long run, disposables may be more realistic for them because they can spread the cost out. When you go to some cloth diaper retailer websites and start to explore and see that some diapers cost as much to $30-$50 apiece, that can be very disheartening if you are on a budget. [...]

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