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10 Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies – Little Gifts For A Little One

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This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links. Stocking traditions vary a lot from family to family. I know many people that only put oranges in their stockings due to the St. Nicholas legend of gifting gold balls in stockings (that later turned into oranges). Other people will put high-quality items [...]

Christmas Gifts for Minimalists Part 2 – Purchasing Gifts Intentionally

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This post contains affiliate links. The holiday season is a magical time for most people. However, we often run ourselves ragged this time of year, and we could all enjoy it a little more if we took the time to enjoy the simple things. Whether you are a minimalist yourself and looking to give gifts in line with your principles, or you are looking for ideas for Christmas gift ideas for minimalists [...]

Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas – The Most Meaningful Christmas

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This post contains affiliate links. The holidays are a beautiful and nostalgic time of year. Timeless carols and hymns get played while we bake platters of cookies and other treats. We sit by warm and toasty fires as we drink coffee and cocoa, watching It's A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol (I like the Muppet version ;)). Caroling, driving around to look at Christmas lights, and cutting down your own Christmas [...]

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